Full Moon Fever

Full Moon Fever
by Elizabeth Black
Genre: M/M GLBT Paranormal Shifter Romance
William Shakespeare said All the world’s a stage, but he hadn’t counted on shifters under a theater’s hot lights. Lovers Sam Hightower and Grant Newsome live for the stage. Although they have enjoyed the wanderlust of traveling theater for many years, each has grown tired of the road and wants to settle down. They also have a secret. As shifters and no part of any pack, they are lone wolves in every sense of the word. The full moon brings out the beast in them.
Even though their work as gaffers—lighting techs—puts them in contact with a large variety of willing, sexy men and women to share their love, they prefer men. They find a dancer, Luke Pearce, who makes their blood run hot, but Luke has a secret of his own to test them. Add scenic artists and lovers Charlotte and Lina to the mix, and you have a wild and sexy fivesome.
To spoil their fun and to their surprise, Sam and Grant discover another shifter in their midst, but this young person is so inexperienced and terrified she could expose them to the human hunters and get them killed. How can Sam and Grant protect themselves as well as the people they love?
Elizabeth Black writes erotica, erotic romance, speculative fiction, fantasy, dark fiction, and horror. Her erotic fiction has been published by Xcite Books (U. K.), House Of Erotica (U. K.), Circlet Press, eXtasy Books, Ravenous Romance, Riverdale Avenue Books, Scarlet Magazine (U. K.), and other publishers. She also enjoys writing retellings of classic fairy tales, including her two self-published fairy tales “Trouble In Thigh High Boots” (Puss In Boots) and “Climbing Her Tower” (Rapunzel). An accomplished essayist, she was the sex columnist for the pop culture e-zine nuts4chic (U. K.). Her articles about sex, erotica, and relationships have appeared in Good Vibrations Magazine, Alternet, CarnalNation, the Ms. Magazine Blog, Novelspot, The Erotic Readers and Writers Association Blog, Sexis Magazine, On The Issues, Sexy Mama Magazine, and Circlet blog.
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Clairissa SinClair

Clairissa SinClair and I met through a group of authors. We’re both participating in 7 Days of Romance.

Author bio

I spent most of my life in the snow belt of upstate New York.  When my divorce became final and my youngest daughters graduated from high school we packed up and headed south for a new beginning.   All alone in a new state for the first time in my life, I joined a few book clubs to meet new people and started toying around with story ideas.  Eventually those ideas became books, but it was still a few years before I was brave enough to self-publish.  I love loud rock n roll music.  I collect (hoard) Fiestaware and make over ugly junk I drag home from curbs, garage sales and flea markets. 

Tell us about yourself. 

I’m a happily divorced mother of four girls.  I live with my boyfriend and two very spoiled Chihuahuas on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  We literally have dolphins and manatees and sea turtles swimming through our backyard!  I also work full time at the local police department and in my spare time I rehab furniture and hoard Fiestaware.

When did you know you wanted to be an author? 

Since always.  I created tons of stories on lined notebook paper and was editor of my high school newspaper back in the day. 

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in? 

I read everything. I spent an entire year reading the most frequently banned books, and another year focusing on biographies of interesting people.  I also read romance, of course, which is what I write.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

Definitely adults!

What is your current release or project?

I finished a Valentine’s Anthology short story titled, “Captured on Film”, with a group of very talented ladies. I am releasing the 4th book in my Vampire Series Nesting Instinct and finishing the 5th, which is an M/M.  I’m also working a sexy, funny, unique series I’m calling “Second Chance at Love in the Sunny Dayz Trailer Park”. It’s based on all the interesting people here in Florida.  All of my characters are golden agers finding love all over again.

Tell us about the key characters. 

Film is based on an idea a very good friend of mine gave me. Damaris doesn’t want to marry her long time partner, Peter, because she’s afraid it will make their life “boring” and “vanilla”.  Peter plans the perfect surprise wedding for her and  an equally surprising honeymoon.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book? 

Damaris and Peter have been in a very special, but entirely non-traditional relationship for ten years.  Their dark secrets perfectly compliment one another.   Although they’ve discussed taking their relationship to the next level, Damaris is scared that it will destroy the fantasy life they’ve created.  What happens when Peter drops a shocking bombshell on her?  Will she marry the man of her dreams in a ceremony that he planned, down to the smallest detail?  Will Damaris’ fears come to fruition?  Find out in “Captured on Film”.

Share an excerpt

Just three short hours ago, I woke up in his arms, on our first morning at Killarney Castle, on the rocky shores of Scotland.  Peter brought me here under the pretense of exploring my family history.  It turns out that my eight times great-grandparents lived her a few centuries ago.  They had, in fact, had this castle built to protect them and their people in the early fifteen-hundreds. We arrived last night, just in time for a late supper, and spent the rest of the night making love in the massive canopy bed in the Royal Suite.  At precisely eight am, he took me in his arms and kissed me passionately.  When he finally broke away, he said “Happy Valentines day, my love. I got you a little something special, for the ten year anniversary of the day we met.  I want you to know that there is no other person in this world that I could ever imagine as being my copilot in the crazy adventure that is our life.  You are my best friend, my lover, my partner, and the other half of my soul,  and that is why I brought you here.”   I had tears in my eyes.  I will never stop being amazed by Peter’s grand gestures.  He was raised by his mother and grandmother on the beaches of San Diego and is a true romantic at heart, something we both agree that I am not. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for the next sentence that he spoke.  “That is why at two o’clock today, after a very long morning of surprises, we’ll be getting married, here at the castle.  It’s all set. Happy Valentine’s Day, my beautiful wife to be!”  He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me full on the lips again, but my body went stiff in his arms and I was too shocked to respond coherently.

Wait?  What?????  You know that sound that an old vinyl record makes when the needle scrapes across the grooves?  I hear it in my head right now.  My heart is pounding out of my head and my brain is racing.   I’m furious!  We have talked about marriage from time to time over the years, but never with any level of seriousness.  Marriage is an unnecessary and antiquated ideal, as far as I’m concerned, and Peter always agreed with me.  Married people become boring and predictable and that is definitely not the future I want for us.  Our lives are far from vanilla.  Peter is more than just the love of my life.  He’s my Dom.  He’s also the perfect Voyeur Ying to my Exhibitionist Yang.  We met through mutual friends who shared our interests in the lifestyle. They  joked that we’d be perfectly compatible.  It turns out that they were one hundred percent correct and we’ve been together every single day since then.

“Please.  Peter, tell me this one of your jokes?  Please tell me that you didn’t go to all of this trouble for a fucking wedding?” I sputtered, forcing myself to hold back the wrath that I’m about to unleash on the man that I love. In response he just grinned at me, revealing the deep dimples in both of his cheeks.  My voice takes on an unnatural screech, “You’re not even serious right now, are you?!?”   Peter chuckled.  He was clearly anticipating my response.  Jumping quickly out of the big bed to avoid the ass beating that I was considering giving him, he pulled on a pair of black Saxx boxer briefs over his perfectly tanned ass, and ignored my hate filled scowl, “Your first surprise will be arriving any time now.  I’m giving you plenty of time to adjust to the idea of being my wife.” 

“Your wife!” I sputtered, “Like your car, or your house, or your cow.”  “Cow?  I don’t own a cow, love?” I was mad enough to spit fire, “You know what I mean.  Like property. Your property.” 

“Damaris,”  he sighed, “your heart has always been, and will forever be, my​        most treasured possession, and I hope to God that I will be yours.  You will be my wife.  I will be your husband.” 

Why does the bastard always have to be so poetic?

Do you have a favorite scene?  

I love the moment where she finally gives in and realizes that marrying her soulmate is exactly the right thing for her.

What advice would you give a beginner?

A journey of 50,000 words starts with a single keystroke.  Just start typing and don’t stop.

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