The Nine

Audiobook Tour: The Nine by C.G. Harris

Author: C.G. Harris

Narrator: MacLeod Andrews

Series: The Judas Files, Book 1

Length: 6 hours 53 minutes

Publisher: Hot Chocolate Press

Released: Oct. 15, 2019

Genre: Urban Fantasy

In the Inferno, Dante almost got it right… Nine circles of hell, each one worse than the last. For Gabe, all of hell is level nine, where the real baddies endure subzero climates and have their nether regions cradled in cryogenic underwear. Gabe has carved out his own safe niche in this Arctic afterlife with his successful black-market business. When Judas Iscariot makes him an offer he doesn’t dare refuse, Gabe must leave behind his contraband Twinkies and Dr. Pepper to become a double agent for the most dangerous organization the world has never heard of and save humanity before it’s too late…
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C.G. Harris is an award winning science-fiction and fantasy author from Colorado who draws inspiration from favorites, Jim Butcher, Richard Kadrey and Brandon Sanderson. For nearly a decade, Harris has escaped the humdrum of the real world by creating fictional characters and made-up realities. When not writing, Harris enjoys sipping scotch while watching the twisted humor of Drunk History. Seeing our past through the bottom of a whisky glass is more entertaining than reading a dusty textbook. C.G. Harris is the pen name and combined persona created by authors, Chuck Harrelson and Kerrie Flanagan. Together they have published, The Judas Files, a gritty urban fantasy series and The Rax, an apocalyptic science fiction series.
Narrator Bio MacLeod Andrews is a multiple Audie, Earphone, and SOVAS award winning audiobook narrator, as well as an award winning film actor and producer. He’s perhaps most recognized in audio for narrating the Sandman Slim series by Richard Kadrey and The Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson. His films They Look Like People and The Siren have played festivals all around the world and are available for streaming on major platforms domestically and abroad. He has a cat named Luna, a well known affinity for chocolate chip cookies, and rations his social media fix to twitter.
Q&A with Author C.G. Harris
  • Are you an audiobook listener? What about the audiobook format appeals to you?
    • I love listening to audio books. I feel like when you listen to a fantastic narrator you can immerse yourself so much deeper in the story. There are no parts that you skim over or zone out on. Every word is pivotal and in an audiobook you never miss a single one.
  • Is there a particular part of this story that you feel is more resonating in the audiobook performance than in the book format?
    • I always like the verbal banter between characters. A great narrator can really bring the voices alive in a way that reading alone just can’t do. MacLeod Andrews is no exception. He brings each character in THE NINE to life. Every ounce of humor, frustration, anger and even a little jealousy between the characters comes across in his amazing narration.
  • What do you say to those who view listening to audiobooks as “cheating” or as inferior to “real reading”?
    • I say Phttttttt! Just kidding. Actually I think both are fantastic ways to experience a story. Saying an audiobook is cheating is like saying movies or television are a cheaters way of experiencing a great story. They are all different and I love each and every one. I say experience them all and have a great time escaping to a new world any way you want. And headphones won’t keep your spouse up all night with a reading lamp!
  • How did you celebrate after finishing this novel?
    • I always celebrate the same way. When I complete a novel, I gather the family, we get on Yelp and pick a restaurant we have never been to or heard of, then we head out for a great meal complete with celebratory desert. Then I head home and start over at page one, ready to begin the editing, because after all, are we as writers ever really finished with a novel? LOL.
  • In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of writing a stand-alone novel vs. writing a series?
    • Readers love to follow authors and great storylines. If you write a novel that readers enjoy, they will want to spend more time in that world and with those characters. With a stand alone, readers don’t get that chance. With a series, they get the opportunity to immerse themselves into the world you created and get to know your characters on a deeper level with every book.
  • What’s your favorite:
      • Food – anything WITH gluten
      • Drink – scotch
      • Book – Sandman Slim
      • Television show – Drunk History
      • Movie – Princess Bride
      • Vehicle – Harley
      • Sports team – Denver Broncos
      • Dream Vacation – Galapagos Island
      • Decade- the 80s
  • Are any of those things referenced in appearance in your work?
    • There are a few of my favorite things referenced in The Nine. Growing up in the 80s, this decade ranks #1 for me (plus there’s so many fun, quirky aspects from that time, that it provides a wealth of great material to use). The main character, Gabe, died in the 80s, and is now in hell. He loves his 501 jeans and hightops. And, The Princess Bride, an 80s classic, is quoted a few times in the book. A true fan of the movie will have no problem spotting those references. The Nine is the first in the Judas Files series. No one rides a Harley in this book, but rest assured, someone will in future books.
  • What bits of advice would you give to aspiring authors?
    • Don’t do it unless writing is the one thing you love most in the world … then go home and decide if you have the tenacity to withstand being let down by the one thing you love most in the world. Because that’s what writing is. A series of catastrophic, emotional, soul crushing failures dotted with pinpricks of joy that somehow make it all worthwhile.
  • Do you have any tips for authors going through the process of turning their books into audiobooks?
    • I always love a new challenge and through the process of creating an audiobook, I learned a lot. Because of the increased popularity of audiobooks, I wanted to get on board as soon as possible, so did my research and jumped in. Here are three tips for anyone considering creating an audiobook. Tip #1-Find a Great narrator From my research, I knew the importance of having a great narrator for my book; a narrator can make or break an audiobook. A big difference between print/ebooks and audio, is that instead of following authors as with books, audiobook fans will follow narrators. It was my goal was to find an amazing narrator who already had a following. MacLeod fit the bill and I was thrilled when he agreed. Tip #2-Go Wide As indie authors, there are two main options for publishing an audiobook. You can go exclusive with ACX (Amazon) or go wide with a company like, Findaway Voices. I chose to go wide in order to make the audiobook available around the world and in libraries. Findaway does an amazing job with their distribution. Currently they distribute to over 40 different markets (Including Audible, Amazon and iTunes). Through ACX, audiobooks are only distributed through Amazon, Audible and iTunes. If you go exclusive you can’t put your audiobook on other platforms. You can go non-exclusive with ACX, but your royalty rate drops. To me, having my audiobook available through as many markets as possible makes sense. Tip #3-Research Audiobooks are gaining in popularity every day and the industry is shifting and trying to keep up. It’s important to understand your options and the services available for you to create an amazing audiobook. Read articles, listen to podcasts and talk to other authors who have already published their audiobooks. Find out any challenges they may have experienced and what advice they have for you. Learn everything you can so you can make an informed decision before you invest in an audiobook.
  • What’s next for you?
    • The Nine is the first book in the Judas Files series. I am hard at work on the next book, The New Dominion and I’m very excited about the story line. Same great cast of characters, lots of LOL banter and more trips Topside for Gabe and Alex. Plus, this one weaves in elements of voo doo and new challenges for our hero. Watch for this book and audiobook in the spring of 2020. In addition to the Judas Files series, I also have a sci-fi series, The Rax. Book 2 of that series is up for preorder and will be available in mid December.
Top 10 List
C.G. Harris’ Ten Reasons To Listen To This Book
  1. It won’t judge you for wearing pajamas until three in the afternoon when you pick up your kids from school, in fact it’s encouraged.
  2. It gives you something to do while you wait for the next Sandman Slim or Dresden Files audiobook to come out.
  3. 9 out of 10 theologians recommend listening to The Nine every day as a way to prevent soul decay.
  4. It gives the voices in your head a break, Lord knows they need it.
  5. Listening to The Nine in bed does not require a reading lamp which would keep your spouse up, causing extreme exhaustion in the morning apparent by the faceplant in the oatmeal.
  6. MacLeod Andrews is the BEST narrator in the world and the underworld!
  7. My mom said it’s good.
  8. Sound proof headphones can tune out the world, especially those eye-rolling teenagers who think they are way smarter than you.
  9. MacLeod Andrews will make you laugh until you pee your pants. Listen at your own risk.
  10. Listening to The Nine audiobook is clinically proven to make you more attractive to the opposite sex. (For best results combine it with generous portions of alcohol.)
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