Mission: Her Defense

by Anna Hackett

My fear in starting this book was Hackett would take her Badass female character and change her into a simpering helpless damsel. She didn’t! Instead we get a romance where Luke, the hot detective, has to learn to stand by Blair’s side and she has to learn to trust and let him in. All of this is wrapped up in a military, paranormal, romance with twists and turns. The climax was slightly predictable but no less spectacular because of it.

Blair is one of my favorite characters. She’s a badass force recon who has retired after being injured and saving her best friend. She’s got demon – as do all the characters in these stories. Hackett kept true to her character. No once does Blair simper in her story. Instead she fights to save everyone and when she needs him to, Luke fights beside her and for her.

This was a great story. I plan to continue with the next book.