Mission: Her Security

by Anna Hackett

Hackett impresses me with this series. She takes tough and broken people and brings them together in a dangerous situation. They are faced with losing someone they want to be with but have held back because they think they aren’t right for the other person. Again, this is a combo of military, paranormal, romance and other aspects. I LOVE how she makes the women strong and determined even if they aren’t able to overcome the people they are fighting against. They try and they are smart about it. Smith and Kinsey both have feelings for each other. Smith had a bad first marriage so he’s sworn off relationships. And the Kinsey is kidnapped…. multiple times. Kinsey grew up in an abusive household and she’s made the choice to be a happy person but underneath it all, she lacks confidence in her own value. Smith is determined to find her. She just a part of the team and so delicate but he discovers her strength in all the shit she’s put through and his love for her. It’s a solid story. I read it in one sitting – unusual for me.