Nathaniel Winner

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Nathaniel J. Winner, from the suburbs of NY. I am a serial entrepreneur and author, using my business experiences to inspire my writing. As a father of two, I am dedicated to teaching children the value of entrepreneurship and equipping them with the skills to excel in the business world. Through my educational children’s books, I aim to empower the next generation of young leaders and innovators.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

This is a funny story. My first book came about as a result of a challenge from some friends. We were discussing various and unusual opportunities when I mentioned writing a children’s book on entrepreneurship. They challenged me to actually do it. The next day, I sat down to write, but the idea for the book came to me because I have two sons and I was thinking about ways to teach them about entrepreneurship. I remembered the books my mom read to me when I was a kid and how much of an impression they left on me. I felt that this book would have a lasting impact on children’s lives.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in? 

I always loved motivational books and books that teach real life skills, so I guess Jonny Entrepreneur is a mixture of the two. 

Is your book for adults, young adults or children? 

I would say the age range is between 6 and 12 

What is your current release or project?

Jonny Entrepreneur, and I’m already working on the sequel, Jonny Entrepreneur: The power of thought and the law of attraction 

Tell us about the key characters

The central characters in the story are Jonny and his father. Jonny’s father acts as a mentor, assisting him in understanding entrepreneurship and addressing practical difficulties. Additionally, Jonny’s friends also play a role as employees.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

“Jonny Entrepreneur” is a tale about a young boy who discovers how to initiate and manage his own enterprise, acquiring valuable expertise and understanding in the process. Jonny’s journey through the principles of entrepreneurship allows him to develop crucial practical abilities, including problem-solving, setting objectives, and communication. As your child reads this book, they will acquire the fundamental tools required to excel in the field of business, and be motivated to become an accomplished and determined entrepreneur.

Share an excerpt

“I did great, Dad, but I’m exhausted.”

Jonny showed his father the earnings he had made and the schedule he had set up for the next day.  It was neatly organized with time, name, address, phone number, and what needed to be done.

“Very neat and organized.  I see you have forgotten one important thing.”

Jonny looked at the schedule but nothing looked off.  He asked, “What did I miss?”

“You did not leave yourself any time for breaks.  Look at how tired you are now.  How will you do that all by yourself tomorrow?”

The boy did not want to admit it, but his father was right; it would be very difficult to work all day like this again… more actually!

“You might have over-scheduled,” his father remarked.  “This problem will need to be addressed.  By the way, where’s your bag of salt?”

“I ran out after I did Mrs. Williams’ house, but that was the last one I did today, so it worked out,” Jonny explained.

“You should have bought salt yesterday, when we were at the store.  Now, we’ll have to go back.”  That was true.  Jonny made a mental note to plan ahead in the future, so that he does not needlessly waste time running around.

There was still the issue of not being able to finish all the houses by himself tomorrow. That left only one option:  Jonny would have to hire employees!

Do you have a favorite scene?

The Business Expands

Ring! Ring! Ring!


                “Hi, Trey, it’s Jonny.”

                “Hey, Jonny, what’s up, man?”

                “How would you feel about making some money today, old buddy old pal?”

                “Go on…”

                “I started a snow-shoveling business and I need your snow-shoveling expertise.  I know your dad has you shovel your driveway most of the time, so I know that you know what you’re doing.  I also checked your reference, me, who confirmed that you’re cool.  So, how about it?”

                “Sure, sounds good.”

                “Great, come on over.  We have driveways to shovel!”

Trey came over and the boys got started right away.  Jonny used the same shovel he had used the previous day.  Trey used a new shovel that Jonny and his father had picked up at the store earlier that morning, in addition to several new bags of salt.

 But by noon, the boys realized that, even together, they would not be able to finish.

                “Jonny, we need more people,” Trey told him through panting breaths when they sat down for lunch.  “I can call my brother to come help.”

                “That’s a good idea.  I’ll have to rent that shovel from my dad again.  Oh well, I guess that’s worth it.”

                Soon, all 3 boys were hard at work.

9. Do you have a favorite scene?

I most enjoyed when Jonny wakes up at the end of the book to see theirs no snow and he feels his entrepreneurship is done, only to find out that there are multiple opportunities coming his way. 

What advice would you give a beginner?

Never give up on your dreams, and focus on the long game, eventually your hard work will bare beautiful fruits. 

Jonny Entrepreneur

by Nathaniel Winner

Jonny Entrepreneur is a story about a young boy who learns how to start and run his own business, gaining valuable skills and knowledge along the way.  As Jonny learns the basic steps of entrepreneurship, he also develops important real-world skills such as problem-solving, goal setting , and communication. Through learning from Jonny, your child will gain the foundation they need to succeed in the business world and be inspired to be an ambitious and driven successful entrepreneur.