by TK Lawyer

Why was life so difficult, at times?

Zoe never imagined she would find herself having to choose between two men—or should she say, angels. As exciting as that sounds, the need to make a decision is tearing her apart. Does she choose the irresistible one who ignites her body with his passionate kisses, or the wild, untamed one who presents all sorts of possibilities?

Orion found his fated mate the second he saw Zoe in the reflecting pool. He knows that she wants him—but Orion isn’t the only one that she wants. His nemesis, Mercury, is Zoe’s co-guardian and he, too, is vying for her attention.

Mercury is a rebel—wild and untamed. As co-guardian to Zoe, he feels the need to protect the sexy human female he has been assigned to. The trouble is Mercury wants more, but he isn’t the only one.

Zoe wants both men, but not all angels will share. Torn between two angels, she must choose only one. Who will, eventually, capture her heart—and will the other one accept her decision as final?

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She rolled her face into her pillow and screamed. Mmm… sex with both beings, at the same time. Oh, God! Something between her legs thrummed with pleasure at the naughty, forbidden thought.

She grabbed onto the pillow, chastising herself under her breath. “Oh, God, Zoe! Stop thinking such horrible thoughts.” However, were they truly despicable? Since angels were all about love, would they care if they shared a human? Orion was decided on the subject. He did not want to share. However, he did indicate there were angels who wouldn’t mind a bit of… Hmm… Like Mercury.
She shook her head and murmured, to herself. “You know you couldn’t even entertain the idea.” Though she said this, images of two large beings hovering over her, kissing her, and stroking their hands across her nude body intruded. One lowered his head and whispered naughty delights in her ear she never thought possible… until Orion. The heat rising in her cheeks a clear indication of her embarrassment, she couldn’t imagine more than one magnificent being in front of her, wanting her. What would she do if she had several?



Pass out from excitement overload.

Seriously. Two gorgeously naked angelic beings waiting to explore her sexually? If only she’d allow it. However, she would never hurt Orion, at least not intentionally.

She pictured Orion’s short brown hair, his blue eyes as calming and enticing as the ocean, and his grey wings behind a suit of Trojan-inspired armor. At times, she’d study his profile when he was engaged in last-minute strategy, preparing for the next mission. His rich, red, eight-inch plume stretching out from his helmet, adorning his high forehead and his strong jaw fascinated her, to the point he’d catch her staring because she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

While Zoe loved the idea of being naughty and exploring new territory, she couldn’t bring herself to think of another man in bed with her, even if Orion joined. Somehow, Orion became… precious to her… She valued, honored, and loved him. Oh. The last few words hit her like a brick. She loved him? Love? Really? She searched her heart for the truth, saying the sentence aloud several times and waiting to see how the idea settled within her. The word slipped from her mouth recently. She itched to retract it.

“I love Orion.”

Was it true?

“I love Orion.” It seemed comfortable, true, and like a jigsaw puzzle piece searching for its mate, it fit. Orion and Zoe looked out for each other, and they were friends. No. Best friends. She divulged to him things she never told anyone else, and he never rejected her. It was easy talking to him. He supported, advised, and protected her. They enjoyed each other’s company. Zoe was safe with Orion and blissfully happy within his arms. Kissing him was like a dream, an absolute thrill. Something others would never experience but she wanted everyone to.