Wishing for Two of Me

Tomorrow, Ken and I are going to work on a plan for the closet.  I’m hoping we can get a plan in place so the closet can be a more useful space than it currently is.  I’m also hoping we can spend as little as possible on the closet.

After lunch we are going to take a bunch of my books and drive around to pop up libraries.  I’m hoping this will be a good marketing tool.  I’ve got a flyer to go into each book which shows the books I have available.  We also have a family commitment in the afternoon.

My Saturday is shaping up to be busy.  This means I have a lot to get done on Sunday.  I’d love to get the edits entered on the computer for Wayfarer 10.  If I could get it done and start the publishing process that would be wonderful.  I have some crochet patterns I have to organize and put through the publishing process.  Though, I just got submission guidelines for a crochet publication, so I may look at those to see if I can submit anything there before I publish it independently.  I wrote a new article which I want to edit and get out there.  Last night when I couldn’t sleep I turned on my app and recorded what may be part of that article, a blog post, or a new article.  I couldn’t sleep and just spoke what was on my mind so I’ll have to see about that.

I have several hand towels to make up.  Each one takes me about an hour to do just the crocheting on it.  The prep work is already done which was time consuming.  There are 16 left to do and I’m hoping I can finish them off this weekend.

Additionally, I have to make some phone calls, deal with the checkbook and a few other personal business things.  I’m hoping to get these tasks done today after work.  If we have the funds, there are a few things I want to pick up.  So I’m going to have to find the time to go shopping as well.

I was hoping for a quiet weekend but as I’m writing all this down, I realize it is going to be a crazy busy weekend again.