Prisoner 849

This book got a refresh! It’s got a lovely new cover done by Dream Covers by K&L. It’s also gotten a new edit done on it.


Dixie’s never enjoyed sex!

Dixie knows men will use sex before she can advance. She’s been used by men for their satisfaction.

Taken prisoner by the Felisians, enemies of the humans, she expects more of the same. But the Felisians are short of females and put her into a breeding program. Three mates fail to impregnate her. Her interrogator, Jorge, steps in to breed with her. He discovers the others failed her in more than breeding.

Fighting his primal urges, he teaches Dixie the pleasure in mating. Jorge learns tenderness is as arousing as force. Dixie discovers men aren’t all bad. But their two races are at war.

Will Dixie help Jorge defeat the humans to ensure her place with him?

*** Warning ***

This book contains adult situations. Please be advised, this may cause triggers.