Teeter Totter

Seeking a balance in my tasks, I’ve been trying to find the right combination among writing, crocheting, and family tasks.  I’ve been working on editing a manuscript which is now down to a final read through as I’ve finished the searches I normally do.  At the same time, I’ve been working on projects for my daughters.  I just finished two cat beds which I didn’t have patterns for the two different styles.

Striking a balance (of sorts) is good in that I don’t feel I’m so focused on one task that I get burned out on it.  I’m also able to embrace the different sides of my creative nature – making beautiful things and telling good stories.

I have a long list of crochet patterns I want to publish and at the same time I need to work on marketing.  Monday I will be home alone so I am going to attempt to get the end of year reports done for my writing and editing business and then work on preparation for publishing for the patterns I have complete.

I’m back and forth on what I’m working on but I feel like I’m at least making progress on all my interests.

Next week classes start up again.  This means my work will go from slow and quiet to insane.  Almost all of the faculty will be back in the building regularly and the students will be back.  Next week will be exhausting and fast paced which means when I get home I’ll be looking for mellow things to do.  Things I won’t have to think about too much.  This means either crocheting or maybe editing / marketing.  I have a number of books to go through to pull out quotes for posting on twitter.  Either task will be low key for the most part.

My goal this year – hopefully – is to not buy any new yarn unless I have a specific project in mind and to work on whittling down my stash and my current load of projects.  This means I want to clear out some of the bins of yarn I have for Vicki and other people.  It also means I have to find that balance so I have time for crocheting and writing.

I have to go with the flow when I’m writing – when the story is flowing I have to write.  However, I’m going to attempt to make time for both of my main interests.  I’ll see how this plays out.