S. A. Santos

S. A. Santos and I met through social media. I’m impressed as she speaks many languages.

Author Bio

S. A. Santos is an Indie Author of romance and paranormal romance novels and short stories.

She is the author of romance novels: “Redemption” and “Sacrifice” and is currently writing the paranormal romance trilogy: “Through another dimension”, which is expected to be released in March 2020.

A former business executive and now retired, S. A. Santos has finally found the time to dedicate to her true passion: writing.

She loves coffee and always has a cup with her to fuel her writing sessions.

Tell us about yourself.

I worked as a business executive for the last twenty years, and now I’m retired. Because of my job, I had the opportunity to travel to different countries and learn different languages.

I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

I love cooking, gardening, and reading.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I thought about writing five years ago. I had an idea in my head and started writing my first manuscript. I didn’t finish it at the time because of my daily job. I’ve retired and started writing again. I had no idea of what I was doing at the time. Although I’ve read more than a thousand books throughout my life, I didn’t know anything about writing, editing, and publishing.

I’m now fully dedicated to my writing and to improve my writing, editing, and publishing skills. It’s been a fun and enlightening adventure!

What genres do you like to read? Are these the same genres you write in?

I like to read non-fiction: history, mythology, and technical books about writing and editing, and fiction: Contemporary Romance and Paranormal Romance.

I write Contemporary Romance and I’m writing a Paranormal Romance series now. These are the genres I feel most comfortable writing. It doesn’t mean that I won’t venture into other genres, though.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

My books are romance novel and paranormal romance novels for adults.

What is your current release or project?

This year I self-published the Contemporary Romance novel “Sacrifice”. Now I’m working on a paranormal romance trilogy: “Through another dimension”. I’m writing book 1 of the series and drafting books 2 and 3. I’m also writing short stories.

Tell us about the key characters

The main characters of the trilogy “Through another dimension” are strong heroines, and their fates are intertwined. They are all facing some difficulties in life and throughout the story they discover strengths and powers they didn’t know they have. The story is about finding your soulmate. Each heroine finds the soulmate that will challenge and complete her.

“Sacrifice” main character is also a heroine who has just lost her father and is thrown in a dire situation.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

Sacrifice (released Jan,2019)

Kathleen opened her eyes to a white ceiling, white walls, and no windows. The strong smell of antiseptics may have woken her up, or perhaps she was still dreaming.

She wasn’t sure of anything anymore as she lived in a haze lately. Her throat was parched, her thoughts muddled.

She felt despair engulf her when she recalled the reason she ended up in that place.

It took weeks for Jason to finally locate Kat and free her from that nightmarish place. He is going to do whatever it takes to protect Kat and keep her safe.

Bring justice to the one that hurt Kat was a bonus.

Into my soulmate’s arms – Through another dimension Book 1 (To be released)

Laurie loses her faith in love when she discovers her boyfriend’s betrayal.

Although skeptical, she allows her best friend to do her astrology chart.

Hurting and depressed, she accepts Ramona’s invitation to escape to a self-discovery retreat at Mount Shasta for the weekend.

Laurie was expecting meditation exercises and relaxation sessions. Not in a million years was she expecting to be thrown into another dimension.

She will need a lot of help to find her way back, but when she meets Archor, she’s not sure she wants to return anymore.

Share an excerpt

This is part of Chapter 1 – Into my soulmate’s arms – Through another dimension Book 1 (To be released)

It’s only 4 PM on the PC taskbar. God, two more hours to go. The numbers on this report are already blurring into one. I don’t know if I can stand it. The awkward glances I’m getting all day is not helping matters. It looks like, despite my efforts, my makeup is not hiding the effects of my sleepless night. Damn you Jacob! Damn you to hell! My blood boils just to think of him. How could I be so stupid?

I get my phone and mug and leave my cubicle to grab some coffee. I wish I could wear dark lenses inside the office without attracting more attention than I already am with my puffy eyes.

I pour some coffee on my mug and check my phone. There’s one message from Ramona and nine messages from Jacob. I delete his messages without reading them and open Mona’s message next. It says, ‘Why are you not answering your phone? Call me!!’

I check my surroundings and type a quick reply. ‘I’m at the office. I’ll call you around 6 PM.’

“Have you finished revising the Fixed Assets Report, Laurie?” I almost drop the mug I’m washing on the sink. Oh God, not now. Arms crossed, Mr. Miller waits for my reply.

“Ah, no Mr. Miller. I’m almost done, though.” I try to hide my discomfort, keeping my profile to him.

“Laurie, you know the deadline is today. It shouldn’t take you this long to revise it for God’s sakes!”

“I know Mr. Miller. I’ll finish it today, I promise.”

“You’d better!” He leaves, but the threat hangs in the air.

I exhale. What’s wrong with this guy? I work hard and meet all his impossible deadlines. But it’s never good enough. Honestly, I don’t know why he hasn’t fired me yet.

Returning to my desk, I concentrate on the spreadsheet with resignation. I can’t lose my job now.

When the clock strikes 6 PM, I press the send button. Mr. Miller will have the whole weekend to plot new topics to torture me on Monday.

My phone chimes with another message from Jacob. I roll my eyes and count to ten. I hate the fact he still has power over me. I open the message. I’m at the verge of throwing my phone against the wall. The fact that I cannot afford a new one stops me. Instead, I call Ramona.

“Finally! I’ve been trying to talk to you the whole day. What the hell happened?” That’s Ramona. Straight to the point.

“I had a shitty day. And yesterday was even shittier. How about we meet for dinner at Dooley’s and I tell you everything? I can’t talk now. I’m at the office.”

“All right! I meet you there in half an hour.”


Forty minutes later, I arrive at the pub and Ramona is already there at our favorite table sipping her Diet Coke.

I greet her and take my seat next to her at the sofa. She stares at me without saying a word. I force a smile and pretend I’m reading the menu.

“What’s happened between you and Jacob?” She gets right to it.

I bite my lower lip and taste a little blood. It all comes back to me. I try hard not to weep all over again. I should be done with crying by now. After a deep breath, I relay last night’s events to Mona.

“I was using my computer to update my on-line business profile. You know I’m looking for a better job and updating my online CV and photo is an important step. When I’ve opened the folder to upload my new CV, I saw a new folder that wasn’t there before. I thought I’ve created it by mistake. So, I’ve opened it and found a series of pictures and videos.”

“Oh, oh.”

“You see where I am going. The stupid bastard filmed his sexual escapades and saved them on my computer! My own computer! How stupid is that?” My voice raises an octave at this last part. “It’s like he wanted for me to find out.”

“Oh, darling, I’m so sorry.”

I stop talking for a minute and let Ramona hug me. I grit my teeth every time I see those fucking pictures in my head. I’ve never taken myself as someone capable of killing another human being. But I swear to God, if I had a gun at that moment, I’d shoot Jacob right between his deceitful eyes without an ounce of regret.

Ramona releases me from her hug, and I continue my story. “The bastard had the nerve to deny it to my face.”

“Who was the girl?” Ramona asks me reluctantly.

“Oh, there were several.”

Do you have a favorite scene?

I don’t think I do. I guess my favorite scene is the one I’m writing at the moment.

What advice would you give a beginner?

First and foremost: Don’t give up!

Second: Believe in yourself!

Once you do both, learn about the writing business. There are many free and paid online courses that will help you hone your skills.

Connect with the #writingcommunity. There are lots of fellow writers that will love to connect, support and help you.

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Twitter: @SasantosAuthor

Website: https://www.sasantosauthor.com

Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/S.-A.-Santos/e/B07FNZ8WNR 

Goodreads author page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18226530.S_A_Santos  Purchasing links: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MDXYRWT/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_PylQDbQ5VMJ90