Science Fiction/Colonization/Science Fantasy Date Published: 12/5/19 Publisher: Chandra Press The adventure continues in the second book of the Chronicles of Malick Series. Reunited, Malick and the crew of the Pioneer embark on a new adventure to solve the mystery of the Domes. The Domes make it possible to travel vast distances instantly. But where do … Continue reading Arachana

A Scientist’s Remorse

A Scientist's Remorse Prequel to Memories of Chronosalis by Ceara Comeau Genre: Science Fantasy Darmentraea became a prison, Galaseya a thriving Utopia; Diraetus finally found peace, and Heirsha provided healing to all. Amber and her friends had adjusted to their new roles in life when an unexpected surprise appeared on Heirsha--A secret truth. One that … Continue reading A Scientist’s Remorse