Secret Love

F. Burn

F. Burn writes stories which explore the dark side of the human psyche. Her style is expressed through complex characters and descriptions that have been described as poetic.

F. Burn wrote songs, poetry and short stories before shifting to full length novels. When she is not writing, she spends most of her time reading, watching movies, creating works of art, going for long walks and cooking.


Francesca Gabel, a learning support assistant, accepts a post at a prestigious boy’s catholic school. She manages to form a bond with a challenging student named Richard Cunningham, but the lines begin to blur as they become closer. Francesca experiences an internal struggle as she struggles to control her feelings. The passion they develop for one another consumes them and they enter a world of forbidden love and desire. Is it true love or a simple case of lust? Francesca must make a decision: give in to Richard and face the consequences or let him go.