Right as Rain

Finished the JD Robb book - Devoted in Death.  It was good, a little bland but overall good.  I read a bit in Cast in Sorrow by Michele Sagara.  However, it was raining last night and the sound of the rain, the thrum of it lulled me to turn out the lights early (for me) … Continue reading Right as Rain

Determined to Finish

View outside my office windowThe weather in Wisconsin has been a series of rainstorms washing through on a daily basis.  I love thunderstorms - the thunder, the lightning, the sound of the rain on the roof - all in trance me.  Watching a storm roll over the land is amazing.  What isn't so amazing is how … Continue reading Determined to Finish

Storms and other thoughts

The grumbling rolling low thunder reverberates through the whole house as I snuggle into my covers.  I just want to lay in bed and listen (or sleep) to the storm.  As a child, I remember being afraid of storms.  One of my early memories is of my sister Teri crawling into bed with me and … Continue reading Storms and other thoughts