Pleasant Surprise

One of my faculty goes to Sweden with students.  I told her to bring me back some Swedish yarn, just a skein, nothing big.  I love yarn and it’s nice to touch what is available in other parts of the world. 

She is back and brought me a bag of yarn.  There is probably thirty skeins of yarn in this bag.  All of the writing on the yarn is in Swedish which is interesting.  Yet there are things I can still figure out.  On one skein there is a notation that it is 50 G which equals so many meters.  If I want to equate that with something I understand all I have to do is convert it to yards or feet from meters. 

Apparently one of her contacts over there just gave her the yarn.  She also gave her patterns which again I can’t read but there are some parts of it I can.  A couple of the patterns have graphs which I can read, the rest there is no way.  I thought with it being crochet shorthand essentially, it would be similar but it isn’t.  I’ve learned something new because of it.

To Sharon – thank you for the yarn.  It was a bright spot in my day.  To the Swedish person who gave her the yarn – wow how generous and kind!  Thank you. 

This proves my point that crafters everywhere are good people!