The CEO’s Outback Gal

by USA Today Best-Selling Author Susan Horsnell

Elizabeth loved the wide open spaces, isolation, and cattle station she had grown up on in the top end of Australia, but she was ready for a change.

She wanted to dip her toes into the waters of the big city, so Sydney, NSW, was where she headed on her adventure.

Hudson was busy running a multi-billion dollar corporation and had no time for anyone serious in his life.

Or so he thought.

He was frozen in place when the gorgeous brunette appeared in his life and was, for the first time ever—speechless.

But, there is more than what meets the eye with this pair and things are about to get a whole lot more interesting when the CEO finds out he’s the new boss of his outback gal.

The shortened version appeared in Dating the CEO anthology.



Owen and I walked side by side to the lift and took it down to the third floor. I couldn’t believe the stunning brunette was now one of my staff. Eyes widened and employees wished me a good morning as we passed through the data area towards Owen’s office. I wasn’t a stranger to my staff, but work prevented me from spending much time wandering through each department. Approaching the doorway, I noted the tops of two ladies’ heads above the chairs where they sat facing the desk. We walked in and the sound of our footsteps on the tiled floor had the women turning around to see who had arrived. 

I’d heard the expression—blood drained from her face—many times, but I’d never been witness to it happening. Until now. Elizabeth had turned as white as the tiles on the floor. 

“Raya, can you leave us to speak with Elizabeth, please?” I asked.

Raya glanced between the three of us, stood, and made her way to the door, closing it on her way out. 

Owen and I stood in front of Elizabeth, both of us leaning back against the desk with our arms crossed. 

“Shit!” Elizabeth exclaimed.

Susan Horsnell Bio:

Susan Horsnell writes romance from sweet to hot. She features strong social themes in her books.

She grew up in Manly, NSW, Australia, and has traveled Australia and the world on postings with her Naval Officer husband of 48 years.

She lives with her husband and fur baby – Gemma-Jean, a young Jack Russell Terrier, in a small village in the mountains in Queensland, Australia.

Since retiring from a nursing career of 37 years, she indulges her passion for writing. The family enjoys traveling the country with their RV when not at home renovating.