Immortal Lust

Immortal Lust A Paranormal Vampire Romance Anthology Presented by Knox Publishing with stories by: Liz Knox & J.H. Wolfe, A.C. Williams & J. Williams, Parker Stevens, Timber Philips, Claire Marta, Harper Ray, Kay Maree, Nikki Landis, Nicky Fox, Courtney Lynn Rose, Nicole Kelley As vampires, the entire world is at our disposal. We’re blessed with … Continue reading Immortal Lust

Love Springs Eternal

Love Springs Eternal The Witches of Loving Book 1 by Timber Philips Genre: Paranormal Romance A light magic in the darkness of the world... In the little town of Loving, everyone can find their prince or princess once a year. At least, for a little while. Miriam Eilish is the proprietress of the Eilish House … Continue reading Love Springs Eternal

Love in Purgatory

Love in Purgatory by Timber Philips Genre: Paranormal Romance Gracelyn Adams just thought she was depressed. After months of feeling blue, losing her friends one by one, she is at her wits end dealing with the nonstop soul-crushing despair she feels every day. Even though, she knows there is nothing at all to feel sad … Continue reading Love in Purgatory