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Saturday Work

Today I paid bills, cut up veggies, and worked on holiday gifts. I wanted to write. I’ve got a lot in my head for this story I’m working on. When I do sneak in some writing time, I just read the last bit I wrote and jump back in.

This afternoon, I went on Facebook to do the Author talk in my group and then chatted with a couple of the authors. I again worked on holiday gifts and wrote a little.

We had supper. Yeah we don’t really lead exciting lives. We ate and then watched Secrets of the Zoo Tampa. Hubby and daughter went to their spaces and I got to write.

Here I am 3000 words later… the book is 26K and I’m excited where my story is at. I like how my characters are moving along and I like how the story is going. Next up – kidnapping.

Once they’ve actually been kidnapped, I have to decide how long they will be held and if they will be tortured or what will happen while they are held. Are they taken off world? If they are, how will my characters escape and get back to where they belong? What sorts of worlds will they land on? So many options… 😀

Progress on a Manuscript

Well okay I can’t really say much about this project but I need to have 50,000 words done soon on it. I’ve had interruption after interruption after stall on the story and so on. I’ve known about this project for a year and now I’m under a time crunch.

I’ve finished two crochet projects that are new patterns which I’ll publish probably as a single leaflet. They were made on a tight timeframe so I am glad to get them done. But now my focus must be on this book.

I wrote a little over 850 words tonight (this morning maybe since it’s nearly 2 am) this has brought my word count to 4802. Only 42,000 more to go.

Tomorrow and Monday my focus will be to write as much as possible. I’ll see how this works out as my husband and daughter are both in the house and they can be distracting. I’m hoping to crank out a good 5K tomorrow.

I’ve got four or five scenes in my head. I hope I can get them down on paper quickly. I also need to do a tiny bit of research for this story. This story is way outside my normal so it is exciting for me to stretch my writing muscles like this.

In an ideal world, I’d have nearly 50,000 words done by Monday night. However, I am very aware we do not live in an ideal world.