The Witch

A long time ago, I wrote this short story. It sat in a file on a computer untouched until I went back to college for my English degree. I took a fiction writing class. The instructor and the students put it through the wringer. By the time they were done, I thought maybe I should just forget it.

Over a year ago, I was cleaning files and pulled it open. It was a jumbled mess. It had been worked and reworked and through hell and back. But underneath all the problems, there was still a good idea.

I sent it off to an editor. She wrangled it into order. I took what she did and worked it again. Editing, changing, adding layers, and so on. I know you’re saying – it’s a short story how bad could it be?


But with time and patience, I think I’ve built a complex story with characters you want to love and hate. I hope.

At just under 12K words, I decided I’d publish it. Then a friend said to me – let’s do a charity anthology to donate to a anti bullying cause. This story popped into my head and I knew it was time to pull it out of moth balls and see if it worked.

It’s available for pre-order now. All royalties will go to National Association of People Against Bullying (

The cover is by Natasha Williams, Dazed Designs. She donated the cover to the cause. She’s an amazing artist. When I saw the cover, I knew it was perfect.


The Witch

Outcast, loner, witch.

With Earth polluted and dying, Brigid’s parents sacrifice their lives to send her to a distant world for protection.

Surrounded by strangers, Brigid longs for a loving family. The new world changes her in ways no one could have predicted. Hated by those who should protect her, accused of treachery, she’s made on outcast. destined to live alone.

Will she find the love she desperately desire or be destroyed by the hate surrounding her?

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