They’re Here!!

We got the girls from the airport last night.  It was so hot and so busy there I didn’t get out to give them a hug but I’ll get plenty while they are here.  Stephanie is off early to visit her friends in Ripon. 

Last night Ken even got out of bed to talk to the girls for a while.  We chatted with the five of us.  Stephanie likes her afghan but says it is too warm.  Virginia on the other hand likes it because it is warm.  I’m glad they like it and it will get used. 
After everyone went to bed I got in some more writing.  I’m working my way through a chapter and hope to finish it today but that depends on how much down time I get from visiting people and activities.  I’m probably going to get minimal writing time while the girls are here.  That is okay though because the girls are here!!! 
It is unbearably hot outside still.  We are again in the triple digits today.  Virginia and Stephanie are used to it but it knocks me on my bum.  When I went out yesterday I felt like I’d walked into a wall.  My glasses steam up when I go outside.  That is a sign that I shouldn’t be going out as far as I’m concerned.  Hopefully by Sunday it will cool off enough to be tolerable but I’m not holding my breath. 
Virginia is still sleeping so I’m going to work on writing until she is up and about.  Then we will see what mischief we get into.

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