Time is a Fine White Lie

Author: William Steffey

Narrators: Greg Chun, Andrew Weiss, Aaron Goodson, Abby Trott, Karen Strassman, Kathleen France, P.J. Ochlan, Ritesh Rajan, Todd Haberkorn

Length: 1 hours 20 minutes

Publisher: Aquariphone, LLC.

Released: Sep. 22, 2020

Genre: Magical Realism

An Australian shamaness traveling in the body of a Chicago bartender leads to a surreal rendezvous with a presumed-dead rock star. An OkCupid encounter turns into blissful madness when souls connect over a national tragedy. A bloody accident at a city bus stop gives way to an absurdly rewarding feast. This collection of seven short stories poses the question: What phenomena are occurring under our nose, right now, that appear completely random but are consistent and solid periodic events we simply lack the scope to see, the comprehension to grasp, or the vocabulary to name? Time is a Fine White Lie may be the closest thing we have to a traveler’s journal from that latent, ephemeral possibility—at once a tribute, warning, antidote, and gateway—to that which we take for granted.


William Steffey has been scribbling in colorful notebooks and making music on any instrument he can find since his early teens. After brief spasms of higher education in Iowa City and Chicago, he doubled down on the art life and released a string of twelve albums in the ‘sophistipop’ style. Press reviews are voluminous and wildly polarized, while the music enjoys airplay on hundreds of radio stations worldwide. William has kept an online journal since the late 20th century, filling the glowing screen with post-modern musings, dreamscapes, and short stories that encompass both. This year, the pandemic gave him the opportunity to compile his favorite written works and publish Time is a Fine White Lie. Following the sage advice of his wife Maux, William embarked on the challenge of producing the audiobook version. He reached out to high-school bandmate Greg Chun—now a voiceover artist in Los Angeles—who corralled an impressive array of actors to read each of the seven chapters in the book. The stories draw largely on William’s experiences with bipolar disorder, and often tease out the mythological archetypes that would routinely emerge throughout his adventures. Falling smack dab in the middle of a Venn diagram with Haruki Murakami and Joseph Campbell at the poles, Time is a Fine White Lie may be the closest thing we have to a traveler’s journal from that latent, ephemeral possibility—at once a tribute, warning, antidote, and gateway—to that which we take for granted.
  I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by William Steffey. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.
Author William Steffey’s Reasons to be an audiobook listener
10. An audiobook with great narration will whisk you away to other worlds. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your old futon, although the audiobook may inspire you to! 9. Audiobooks can help you gain perspective by hearing stories from others with vastly different backgrounds. On the other hand, audiobooks can also serve as ‘comfort food’ for those moments when you… just… can’t. 8. You’re on a long drive from way out there to over here. Radio stations are few and far between, and Sirius XM just keeps you in the same echo chamber of tired bands. Fire up an audiobook and make the journey in style. Guaranteed. 7. Have a schizophrenic break, and project your inner psyche onto whatever words happen to be coming out of your earbuds. Become ruler of the universe for just a couple ‘a bucks! 6. You have to read a particular book for school, and let’s face it: that can be a bummer. Stay at the top of your class by using your smartphone to impart the wisdom directly to your auditory cortex. 5. Audiobooks- and literature as a whole- can provide entertainment, escape, or deep spiritual sustenance. Apply as needed. 4. The three words in chapter one at 4 minutes and fifty-five seconds. 3. You’d like to take a vacation, but you’re cash-strapped because of last month’s plumbing emergency. Pick up a title read by your favorite narrator, and let their dulcet tones wash you away. 2. Books are bulky and heavy, and you can only carry 2 or 3 at a time. Audiobooks? Not an issue. 1. Do the dishes while getting cultured at the same time… Who could say no??

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