To do is getting done

I’m nearing the end of a manuscript, I am pretty sure I’ll finish with the chapter I’m on.  The problem is there is a lot to fit into this chapter.  I have story lines to finish, plot lines to clean up, and a murder to solve. 

This book has been a little different for me as I’ve worked it in bits and pieces with the crazy schedule I’ve had in the last month.  Normally when I work on a Wayfarer book I take two weeks and zip through the story. 

I have three people (my test readers) who are begging me for the next installment for this series.  I don’t know if they are going to like this one as I delved into different storylines but I’m sure they will tell me if they don’t.

On another task on my to do list, I got all the presents ready over the weekend (with the help of Ken) and brought them into the office.  It was a nice little thing for the people to get after the long weekend. 

Friday while I was down in Indiana with Vicki, I got my hair cut and donated 12″.  I now have short hair.  I don’t hate it.  I know that sounds odd but I’m so used to the long hair that going short is quite a change. 

We had fun at JoAnn Fabrics again.  All the yarn I bought was on sale.  Between coupons and sales, I paid half price (or less) for every item.  Vicki got a bunch of flannel super inexpensive.  It was a good couple of hours in the store.  Ken and Vicki went to Menards to look at a few things and both of them came out with goodies from there. 

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