To the Moon and Back – Lorah Jaiyn


Sometimes the moon hears wishes made.

The mystery began when Callie Sue Hawthorne turned thirteen and started hearing a voice in her head, always accompanied by a full moon. As the years went on, the voice became her best friend; the problem was, she never could understand what the voice said to her.

The only one who knew her secret was Bobby Adams, the boy from the farm next door. He always accompanied her and Grandma to the field behind the house where they’d blow dandelion wishes to the sky, always careful to never reveal the wish so that it would come true.

When Callie turned sixteen, she finally understood a word from the voice. Wispy. When Grandma cries after Callie randomly says it in front of her, a little snooping reveals a big surprise. Why is the building she sees in her dreams printed on the front of the newspaper? And could the voice she hears really be her grandpa who never came home from the war? When Callie and Bobby run away to investigate, can all those dandelion wishes really come true?

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