Too Many Words

When I started this manuscript, I didn’t like it. I wrote and continued to write. I worried it wasn’t up to par. Now I realize it was nerves. I mostly knew it at the time but my inner critic was working overtime.

I’ve been annoyed about the low word count and frustrated with the things blocking my ability to write – day job, editing, life, reno… there are more. I’ve been up late every single night trying to write and get things off my to do list.

Yesterday I was up until 2 am working on client work. I slept until 9 this morning and was mad because I wanted to be up early in order to get some writing in while people were out of my house. When I finally woke up, I hadn’t written a thing before they returned.

We had breakfast. We talked more about the reno. I kicked them out. I wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote. A scene I thought was going to be small and inconsequential turned into one that wasn’t and then into something more.

A conversation with my daughter led me to another scene. I had to write a bar scene. I’ve been in bars but I’m not a regular barfly. Ten people, pushing tables together. Drinking, talking, dancing… oh I need a song. Now if you know me, you’re laughing right now because you KNOW I do not know music. I like it and listen to it often but to remember artists and song names and such. Nope. I knew what kind of song I wanted but could I think of one in that category? Nope. Google here I come. I search and I’m not finding what I want.

In walks one of my daughters and she’s on the phone with another daughter – oh good. These two do remember names and songs… At Last by Etta James was suggested. Great song but a little too old. I listened to a lot of people – don’t ask me names! Oh wait – Amazed by Lonestar was one of them Shania Twain was considered. Faith Hill and more. Lots more. I needed a slow song. You know the kind where when you dance you just lean in and sway to it. But at the same time, it needed to be meaningful to both of them. So the winner – Let’s Make Love by Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill.

This scene was supposed to lead to their first love scene. Well they had a different idea. Or I should say another character barged in, caused chaos and changed the scenario. I think it’s way better.

I’ve added a chapter and half, 10,191 words. My main male character has taken a step he didn’t think he ever would. I’m enjoying the back and forth of the romance. I like the easiness between them. The trust they both want and need. It’s building nicely. My total words – 32,923. I need about 17K to make the 50K minimum I have.

I’m pretty sure I’m going over that number but I at least feel like I have a handle on this book now. The heat is ramping up but I think the sex will be sensual and drawn out to enhance pleasure for both of them. I want to step away from the expected. I actually have two scenes in mind.

I have ideas bouncing around in my head and I can’t wait to write more. But it’s getting late. While I have tomorrow off, I still have to be up early. I hope tomorrow afternoon I’ll be able to write more. I know what the next scene will be, maybe the next two or three scenes.

I’ve found the words. Now I need time to write them all down. I love writing!

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