Inching Closer

My writing time has been infringed upon. We’ve hit some bumps in the renovations we’re doing so much discussion has been needed and this has pushed into my writing time. By the time we’re done discussing, I’m so tired, I’ve not been able to write much.

Tonight I put my foot down and kicked people out. In a little over two hours of writing, I’ve made progress. The first love scene is coming up and then from there, I’ll start adding a hint of danger and throw in a few conflicts and bumps (and probably another love scene).

I’m edging towards the finish line. The funny thing – the scenes I thought were absolutely going to make it in are probably not going to. This is why I don’t plot out my books – the characters take me on their journey.

Tonight that journey included about 2500 words pushing me up over 35K. I’m to the back half of the book. Hopefully by the weekend, I am done with the rough draft. Fingers crossed…. I won’t know until the characters tell me their story…

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