Not enough words…

So I set a goal of 5000 a night. So I could finish this book in a week. I’ve done that before so I know I can do it. The question is will I have time to do it.

So far – nope. Since the first, I’ve written 3903 words, bringing my total to just under 22K. Normally when I’m writing, I’m thinking about the story in odd moments. If I do this next, then… or what option do I have in this situation. My brain is all about the what ifs. With this one, I’m not thinking about it.

My day job has been particularly busy and I’ve been working on a ton of different things. This means I don’t have a lot of time for running scenarios. I’m busy from start of day to end of day. After work, I’m dealing with family stuff… mostly right now it’s all about the renovation going on. But there are other things, like paying the bills and making doctor’s appointments and checking with the family on certain things.

Then it’s supper and a bit of family time and then writing. Normally, they scatter after about 8 pm which leaves me a good 3 to 4 hours to write. Not this week. Reno discussions are ongoing. I’m not getting to write until 10 or 11 pm.

Now without thinking about the story during the day, I would normally not know what to write. This hasn’t been the case. I open my file and think – this isn’t going to go well. But it does. In a little over an hour, I wrote 2461 words. The scene which I’ve been writing in bits, just came together.

I just need a lot more hours like that. A lot!!! I’ve got my main couple meeting. He’s pursuing her and she’s enjoying being pursued. They had a minor… not tiff but misunderstanding maybe… and she clarified a boundary for herself. No big fight, no drama – at least at this point. They’ve done a few things together… had breakfast after her overnight shift… babysat his nieces and nephews… and now she’s picked out two cats. I’ve thrown in some scenes from her work and some of his. Oh and something that is going to lead to an actual disagreement.

The thing is – I normally know which direction my stories are going but with this one… I still have two scenes in my head but other than those two, I’m clueless. Well at least until I pull up the file and start typing. Apparently my characters are being closed mouthed about the story until I’m actually working on the story. Annoying and yet, I’m enjoying the process.

Next up…. huh, normally I’d give some ideas but I have no ideas. I guess I’ll see when I get to the computer next. At least I’m having forward movement, not quite as much as I would like but forward movement.

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