Two Stories at Once

Tonight I couldn’t decide which story to work on. I’m only a few thousand words from being done on the first half of Heart of Fire. But I need to finish Hunger for the anthology. I almost always choose the project I think I can complete faster to work on so I started with Heart of Fire.

As is my habit, I reread the previous sections to where I was adding scenes. Then I had to find out more information from the second story so I spent more time reading. But eventually I felt confident enough to write what I needed. I added a couple of scenes and have a plan on how to finish off the first one. I think this section will take a night of solid writing to finish it off but you never know.

I thought I was done for the night but Hunger was open so I went back to where I left off and realized I knew what I wanted to write. I started in and in forty minutes finished off the section. I like what I wrote and hope it represent the situation how I want it too. I also know where I’m going with it.

All together I added about 1200 words to Heart of Fire and about 1500 to Hunger. Tomorrow night my plan is to do more of the same. I hope I’ll finish Heart of Fire – or at least get it to a point where I only have to smooth it out once the second half is edited and added to it.

From there it can sit for a bit while I work on other things. My hope is to publish it beginning of 2024. My hope is I’ll finish both stories by the end of the week but only time will tell on this.

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