Update on basement construction

Ken has been busy on this project. He’s had help… thank you Zack!!! Electrician and plumbers are done until we get work done.

Drywall in bedroom

The walls are done in the bedroom. Mudding and tape next. Ken was slowed down by covid vaccine shot 2.

Today Zack and Cristina arrived to help again. Ken and Zack worked to get all the green board up in the bathroom. Walls and ceiling done. Next step… lay the membrane for the wet room. That needs inspection so I’ll call on Monday.

Once the membrane passes inspection we’ll be tiling wetroom floor and walls. Then I think the plumbers can come back.

Meanwhile Ken will work on drywall, mud tape the closet. Vicki can start painting as soon as mudding is done.

It’s progress. Two rooms are coming together nicely.

Update – membrane down!!!

This means Ken will be working on the drywall on the walls in the closet, taping and mudding. Then Ken and Vicki will work on painting in the bedroom and bathroom. Another big step forward – Thank you Zack and Ken!

2 thoughts on “Update on basement construction

  1. Big Job…Good job though. I can’t wait to see it finished. Keep posting progress. It’s inspiring.

    1. Hi
      Thank you. This is a huge thing for our family. It’s stressful and difficult. There have been delays – a lot of them. But we’re making progress.

      I’ll keep posting pictures and progress.

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