During a period of insomnia, I wrote two stories in about five weeks.  Wayfarer is a short novel set in the future in space.  Here’s the description:

Adara Stone youngest pilot in the Interstellar Planets Union survived one ship’s destruction only to be treated like a jinx.  Being half human and half Wayfarer, she’s always been set apart.  Captain Decker Flannery thinks she’s too young, too solitary, and too sexy to be on his ship.  He needs a third pilot so he has no choice. 
At twenty Adara has flown in service for seven years in everything except the Manu service.  The Pritchard is an investigatory ship that helps keep the peace.  Adara covets being in space and the Pritchard.  She loves the feel of the ship in her hands. 
Adara finds friendship and validation as a pilot aboard her beloved Pritchard.  Along with her fellow pilots, Lisa Sorenson and Jack Norris, she flies the investigators where they need to go.  The three explore worlds and become fast friends.  From bar fights to taking on Barion Battleships, they work well together to keep the Pritchard and her crew safe. 
Captain Flannery doesn’t like his youngest pilot.  She’s a mouse.  When she flies, she creates magic in space but she is argumentative and insubordinate.  Flannery finds fault in every action but at the same time finds himself drawn to this quiet, strong young woman.  He doesn’t like other people touching her and he finds himself protective and attracted. 

One emergency after another draws the pilots, Commander Hal Beltzon, second in command, and Captain Flannery into a tight knit group willing to fight and die for each other.  Adara’s past puts her and her crew in danger.  She fears her “jinx” will harm those she’s come to love but they love her and are willing to fight to protect her.  In the end, Adara finds a home and a family.

From my earlier post, this is what I did with my day.  I have one more publishing version to go through to have it available on Smashwords, Amazon, and in paper form.  In another hour or so, I hope it will be ready to go in the paper form.  
It has been a good day – a very good day!  
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