Weekend Looms

With it being a non-pay week, I have absolutely NO plans for the weekend.  This may sound like an abysmal weekend but for me, it is heaven.  It means that I can work on writing, crocheting, or whatever else comes to mind. 

The difficulty will be in narrowing down what I do from all my options.  I’m working on production of another poetry book, editing a fantasy novel, and looking at short stories for submission to a contest.  In addition, I’m also working on the third book in the fantasy series.  I’d like to finish writing the story. 

On the marketing end, I’ve been sending emails announcing my book coming out.  I’ve hit several local papers, bookstores across the country, and sent out review copies.  Now all I have to do is hope that someone pays attention and purchases or the newspapers do an article.  Marketing is not my strong suit though I do know about it as I worked in it for a small amount of time for one of my jobs.  I do know I can send out hundreds or even thousands of emails and only get a few hits on it. 

This is also one of my more difficult things to do because marketing tends to be over the top for claims and I don’t believe in doing that.  However, it doesn’t grab people’s attention if I just say – hey here are three good books try them out.  This makes marketing difficult for me. 

On the crocheting side of my life, I’m working on Vicki’s afghan.  It is slow going because it is octagonal and each row takes a long time to finish.  I started a different project with some of my new yarn as a short project but I have a logger jam of afghan requests right now.  I have four in my queue. 

It is time for me to start thinking about what I want to do for gifts for winter so I have them done in time.  I have an idea of what I’d like to do but it is a matter of time. 

This means the weekend is an open book.  It will be nice to have a quiet and hopefully productive weekend at home. 

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