What do we really know about gout?

I have gout.  It is painful and difficult when it flares.  I’m stuck unable to walk and do normal activities like drive.
Over the weekend I spent time with my brother-in-law who also has gout.  We were talking about what sets off our gout.  He told me turkey sets off his gout.  I was surprised to hear this because turkey doesn’t set off my gout. 
  • Limit meet, poultry and fish
  • Cut back on fat
  • Limit or avoid alcohol
  • Limit or avoid foods sweetened with high fructose corn syrup
  • Choose complex carbohydrates
  • Choose low-fat or fat-free dairy products
  • Drink plenty of fluids particularly water 

Basically, I can’t eat anything.  Okay fruits and vegetables are good.  It does say that poultry is better the beef. 
Here’s the thing.  I know when I eat a lot of beef or chocolate or drink a lot of Coke, I have a flare of my gout.  This means I eat beef only occasionally – i.e. once a month or once every couple of months. 

When I get stressed out I lean towards chocolate.  When I get headaches that don’t go away, I lean towards Coke (from McDonalds is most effective).  The problem is these things are really bad for me.  I guess I’ll have to keep trying and see what I need to keep out of my diet and what I can keep.  

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