Winter Projects

Marketing is a necessary part of writing.  I’m realizing that I need to have marketing tools in place before I normally do.  I’ve been posting to social media in an attempt to get my work noticed.  I’ve been getting published in other places to draw in people outside my social media.  I’ve been trying to get reviews (though I could work harder at this.)

Has any of it done any good?  Some has and some hasn’t.  The thing is – with marketing what works today may or may not work tomorrow.  It’s something I have to constantly think about.

I’ve got a weekend without anyone home besides Ken and I so I’m hoping to get some work done in the writing arena.  I have marketing, publishing, and writing to do.

Having said that – I’m definitely in a crochet mode.  I’m working on the projects I had going before I set them aside to do holiday stuff.  I want to get certain things done while I’m still in the mood.  I’m on the down side (or nearing the finish) of one project which means all I really want to do is work on it and have been every night.  Behind this big project, I have one more in progress and at least four more in the wings pushing at me to work on them.

I don’t know if it’s the cold weather or the pile of containers in my craft room but I feel the need to get things done – crochet wise.  I’ve got ideas in my head for projects and patterns I want to try out.  I’ve got ideas for articles on crochet.  I need to get focused and get things done.

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