Writing Momentum

I’ve been working on a manuscript since Thanksgiving weekend.  I’ve got 500 pages double spaced done.  I’m not done with the story though.  I’ve not written since January and have been frustrated with my progress (or lack of really).
I have friends who read for me.  You all know who you are so first THANK YOU!!  They often yank me back on track, encourage me, and offer an honest critique. One of the friends I sent this manuscript to has been sending me her thoughts on it as she progresses through the manuscript.  This has been great on this project for me. 
Since I’ve not written much in the past two months, it has made me go back to reread what I’ve got done.  I started reading again and low and behold – I didn’t want to stop.  I just wanted to read through this book.  It grabbed me and enthralled me.  Now I know that may sound conceited and that isn’t how I mean it.
The story captures so many of the things I’ve been coping with lately.  Some of it really resonates with me right now with the political issues we are dealing with. 
Aside from that though, these characters are familiar to me.  They seem almost more familiar than some of my family members.  It is like sitting down with old friends to say “Hey what’s going on in your life.”   Then I read some more and wow I know. 
I’m hoping to get back to writing soon.  I can see the next chapter in my head.  I know where I’ll be going and what I’ll be having these characters doing.  (No spoilers though so keep reading.)  I just need the time to sit down to the computer and work.
Interestingly enough, at my work they are doing some repairs which will involve lack of access to the elevator and asbestos removal on another floor.  Since I have asthma I don’t want to be in the building for the removal – yes I know they seal up the space but I still don’t want to be around.  So I will be having some unexpected free time at home. 
Now I just have to pray to the Goddess of Inspiration and hope she blesses me….

2 thoughts on “Writing Momentum

  1. I think it just works that way spiritually that we end up hearing what we need to when we need to hear it. Don't you? Keep up the writing!!

    Love ya!

  2. Well I often dream about a project or find that if I take a nap when I'm at a stopping point, I will come back with a solution. Or I talk to my daughter and annoy her with my descriptions and she offers suggestions… Thank you – I will keep writing. I have items published in both the latest Circle Magazine and The Unicorn. (There are links on my credits page if you want to learn more about these)

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