While organizing in my office this weekend, I unearthed the manuscript I had been editing.  My first thought was to just put it in the bin with the others for that overall story.  I couldn’t quite bring myself to do that.  I picked it up to move it to the bin and couldn’t so set … Continue reading Editing

Writing Progress

Finally time to work on my writing.  Yesterday I worked on prepping my manuscript for publishing.  I got part way through it.  I was easily distracted though.  I found out I got A’s in both my classes officially as my grades posted.  I also had to deal with some work issues and running errands with … Continue reading Writing Progress


For a long while I've been working on editing a manuscript.  I've spent a lot of time just rereading and tightening up the story.  Tonight (or should I say this morning really) I spent an hour putting those edits into the file.  I got four chapters done.  It felt like no time passed at all.  … Continue reading Editing…

Writing Momentum

I’ve been working on a manuscript since Thanksgiving weekend.  I’ve got 500 pages double spaced done.  I’m not done with the story though.  I’ve not written since January and have been frustrated with my progress (or lack of really).I have friends who read for me.  You all know who you are so first THANK YOU!!  … Continue reading Writing Momentum