Last night Ken and Alicia stood on the bridge with about 75 – 100 other people protesting the governor’s budget and the actions taken by the government.  Mom and I drove by several times, honking to show our support.  Mom took pictures (of course) and then I took her home. 

Ken and I went to the information meeting.  I was really hoping that a republican or two would show up so we could have an intelligent debate.  However, they didn’t.  It was a room full of like minded people.  I was afraid that it would become a pep rally.  It did not.  I heard intelligent questions put to a former representative and a union leader. 

There were people from all sorts of jobs – teachers, farmers, secretaries, and business owners.  It was a moving and intelligent conversation about the affects of what this budget will mean to so many people. 

I’ve always considered Whitewater to be conservative and Republican.  The good ole boys club is definitely in affect there.  Last night I was proud to say I grew up there.  People came out for honest and open discussion.  It is too bad the Republicans didn’t show up, I think it would be good for them to actually hear what these people have to say. 

One other comment – there were things said about a rep – I don’t know if they are true so I’m not going to repeat them.  However, here is my opinion on an elected officials job.  If you run for office, you better be prepared to speak to and meet with all the people in your district whether they voted for you or not.  Your job as an elected official is to represent the people in your district.  Your job is to hear their opinions and desires when it comes to a bill or topic before the legislative review.  Your job is to LISTEN to these and determine what the majority of those people want.  Then your job is to vote based on the majority of those people.  All of this is whether you agree with what these people want or not.  They are the ones who you are standing for.  It isn’t your opinion that counts – it is THEIR opinions that count.

If you can’t do that, then you should not be in office.  If you can’t listen to everyone and determine what the majority of people want, then you have no right to sit in Madison or Washington as a representative.  Our government is meant to be a government of the people by the people.  It is a founding idealism and if you as an individual can’t follow that – then don’t run for office.  I think a lot of our representatives have forgotten that.  It isn’t about who gave you money to run but about the people and what their needs are.

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