Writing Projects

With the health issues going on in the family, I’ve not paid any attention to my writing.  I can tell I’ve not been writing again, my dreams are more vivid and my focus is a bit scattered because my mind is always wandering to the stories in my head.
I just came across a grant I want to write.  I probably won’t get it but it is worth trying for.  I also came across a contest that I want to submit.  I’ve entered it before and done okay. 
In order to get these two projects done by the submission deadlines, I have to sort through my piles on my shelves and get them organized so I can pull the manuscript for the contest.  I need to get through all the edits on the paper copy.  Then read it again to see if it needs editing again.  Aside from the tweaking of the manuscript I need to write a 500 word description of the story, take a 5000 excerpt, and follow all the other directions. 
For the grant, I will have to pull together a lot of information of what I’ve had published and what my project would look like.  There are so many steps there I don’t even know if I can list them all. 
The contest has a deadline of March 3 and the grant has a deadline of March 12.  This means I am going to have to get my act together over the next two weeks and get a lot of stuff done.  It will be insane.   I also think I will thoroughly enjoy it.
This weekend after all the errands, I hope to sort through yet another pile in my office and figure out where I’m at with my manuscript so I can work on it for the contest submission – little time and lots to do.

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