Yarn! Caron One Pound

Caron One Pound Yarn, Pale Royal BlueOne of my favorite things is yarn.  I know it’s weird and most people don’t understand it.  There’s something about yarn that makes me think in projects.

My middle daughter and I went to the grand opening of the new Joann’s store in our home town.  The three aisles of yarn were wonderful!  I loved looking at the Caron One Pounder – they had a bunch of vibrant colors.  Caron One Pound is a good sturdy yarn which makes almost anything.  It works wonderfully for afghans, clothing, stuffed animals, pillows.  It’s a good all purpose yarn which comes in a large variety of solid colors.  In the store, they displayed several colors organized beautifully.  I wanted to buy 1 of each and make an afghan or a dozen other things.

The nice thing about the one pounder is you get 16 ounces of yarn so not a lot of joining new skeins if you’re working on a smaller project.  Even a bigger project requires fewer number of joins.  The price is fairly reasonable.  Online I saw it priced from $7 – $9.99.  The per ounce price is about $0.62.  This is a good buy for good yarn.

The One Pounder is not as soft as the Simply Soft but it is still a good quality yarn.  This is a worsted weight yarn – meaning it is not small like thread or baby yarn nor large like Bernat Blanket.  For crochet, you would probably use a G – J size hook for projects.

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