A New Scooter!

I ordered my new scooter yesterday!  My DVR counselor pushed the paperwork and got all of it done so I could get my scooter on order!  The scooter should be here in a week to ten days.

I still have to go back to work with the manual wheel chair next week but there will be an end in sight for the pain I’ll have to cope with.

This morning I slept late again but am now tackling my to do list.  I’ve gotten a couple done and am now working on the computer.

Last night I finished watching Land Girls which is a BBC show based during WWII about the women who relocated to work on farms while the men went to war.  It was an interesting show and highlighted some interesting aspects of life in the 40s.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there will be more seasons of this.  Now I’ll have to look for something new to watch.

I did get some writing done yesterday afternoon.  There’s a story I’m playing with which is coming in spits and spurts rather than waves.  I’m not sure it will amount to more than an outline / rough draft.  Normally I can see or feel where the story is going, with this one I can’t.  Time will tell on this one.

I made progress with some of my other projects.  One of the publishers got back to me with a tentative yes on two articles.  Progress all around on many things.

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