A New Start

I’ve been asked (told and nagged) that I should start a blog.  My contention has been that I have no idea what I would write about on a regular basis.  So this will be the theme – No theme… mostly you will just be bombarded with my odd crazy random thoughts.  I warn you – these will range from totally insane to completely dull to ranting about whatever has pissed me off to who knows where it will take us…

To begin, for those who are new to me, I’m a average woman, raised by average people, and I’ve led an average life.  I don’t have a lot of angst with the world – though I think it is pretty fucked up (oh yeah warning I swear).

So not to completely bore you – here is me in a nutshell (or is that a nut house?)… I was born into a farm family.  I am the youngest of six (five girls and one boy).  I grew up in the 60s and 70s.  I am a mut – Irish, German, English, Prussian, French, Native American, and Scottish… I have red hair and freckles.  I have a nasty temper which I do pretty good at controlling (most of the time and my sisters can all just shut up). 

I met a great guy at 16, fell in love, got engaged, got pregnant, and got married (because that is what you did in small town Wisconsin).  Amazingly, we are still together 29 years later.  I have three daughters who are amazing and wonderful. 

I love to do genealogy (family history), write, crochet, meditate (fireplace is a great tool there) and hang out with the people I like.  Everyone else can just go away.  I love the people I love and the rest of the world can just leave them alone.  My heart breaks regularly, I cry, I heal… it is just the way I am. 

Well I’ve bored you enough (or maybe not)…

2 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. Okay, first, I didn't NAG you. Nudged, encouraged, maybe even whined a little, but never, ever did I NAG. Story-teller!!! 😉

    Seriously – great intro blog! A whole lot better than the one I did (which was…oh yeah…NOTHING!). Let me get to going…got a baby to put to bed and a blog to write! Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  2. Perhaps it was the cumulation of people who strongly suggested I do this that made me choose the turn NAG… Did I name names? Perhaps you are feeling just a bit guilty… 🙂

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