All Gone

S. K. White

S. K. White is a lover of Science Fiction and enjoys inventing new worlds and situations for her characters to discover, grow, explore and fall in love in. She treasures writing in her journal and recording thoughts and ideas that flow from the experiences she sees and hears all around her. She uses many of those reflections to create the characters that appear in her novels, and the poetry she writes. S. K. White lives in a small town in the west; she embraces glorious sunsets in the cool evening breeze, and savors the captivating western landscapes that surround her.

Are the newly discovered crop circles an invitation to the second coming or a first contact? Investigative reporter Paige Martin is thrust into a mystery that takes her on a wild adventure of survival, betrayal, and romance. Facing an uncertain future from a chaotic world in turmoil, Paige and a small group escape New York City and struggle to return to Paige’s hometown of Denver. In their attempt to organize and survive in their new reality, Paige discovers betrayal from the man she once loved and trusted. Accepting the end of her relationship with Logan, Paige gives in to her unmistakable attraction for the ruggedly handsome stranger she had befriended and resisted for so long. In Nick’s comforting arms, Paige experiences an unforgettable passion and together they forge an unbreakable bond that they later share with baby, Grace. Unexpectedly, Paige discovers she is not the only one watching over Grace; she shares Grace’s guardianship with a shadowy figure that easily disappears into the darkness. Paige is forced to keep a secret from Nick as they search for answers and survive in a world that could end at any moment.

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14 thoughts on “All Gone

  1. I did not know this author also writes poetry. I will have to check it out, as I do love a good poem. Can’t wait to read this book! You had me at crop circles.

    1. Ric, thank you for all you do. Also, I would like to thank everyone in my BVS family for their support and endless encouragement, guidance, and help. And last of all, to Jessica for the amazing artwork she did on the cover.

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