Alyssa D Mynx

Title: An Accidental Cupid: A 7 Days of Romance Collection (Sexy Holiday Grams, Inc.)

Author: Alyssa D. Mynx

Released Date: February 14, 2020

Cover Designer: DAZED Designs


My five sexy as sin boyfriends and I, Blake Jameson, have been living in relative bliss for a while now. I swear, I don’t get in trouble EVERY day, just, like, every other. Since the stepdad went to jail, life has changed for the better in so many ways, like moving from a closet to a mansion. Not only do I get a minimum of three square screws a day, I have cuddles in my room nightly, and my gosh the food! Let’s just say life is going pretty well for me and my guys.

But life can’t always be chocolate and roses. After a big screw up on my part, well, punishment is in order. Will it break us up? Nah. Will it heat us up? Most definitely. Punishment has never hurt so good.

Author bio

Born and raised in the Midwest, now moving everywhere, I’m happily married with no human babies yet. My fur baby is a 15 pound cat named Dickens who likes to lay on me and crush my lungs nightly. It’s fine, breathing is overrated anyways, and he’s worth it. When I’m not writing, I’m a cosmetologist, but writing is my first love. Oreos and Dr. Pepper are life. When I come to the party, expect bad jokes, awkwardness, or maybe a cute picture of my fat cat. You can follow me on my Facebook readers group- Alyssa’s Mynxes, or on Instagram- author_alyssa_d_mynx Now, I’m going to get an Oreo. Bye!

A Naughty Santa Gram-

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