Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime by Sybella Steele: 


What if you could hang out with your idol, be it a musician, author, actor?
Nat will be doing just that with the pair of tickets that her best friend won! Rachel didn’t want to go alone so she brought her best friend along for the crazy ride.
Lesley Owens and his brothers are a band who play for millions. They set up a contest for a lucky winner to win backstage passes at their upcoming concert. All the girls go wild for them, especially Nat.
Nat has been in love with Lesley ever since he became famous. What will happen when she wins tickets to his concert and a party at his hotel room after? Will sparks fly or will it be a letdown?
Found out in this whirl wind Valentine’s Day story!

The Heartbeat of Joy

The Heartbeat of Joy by J. Grace: 


This is a SHORT STORY continuation of I’ll Be Home for Christmas, A Christmas Novella.

Shelby and Jeremiah were married less than two months ago after being apart for more than a year, but now they are blissfully happy living life as though they were never apart. Just as they find themselves in a rhythm again a new development pops up out of nowhere and they find themselves on the journey of a lifetime!

Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire by Eileen Troemel: 


When deep space explorer, Gerilynn, crash lands on a snow planet she finds herself face to face with a new species. Facing certain death, Gerilynn must rely on one of the creatures for protection, but can she trust him?

Things are not all they seem, and Gerilynn finds herself in the middle of a political nightmare. Now she must navigate a minefield of danger, betrayal and traditions that are not her own.
Will Gerilynn survive long enough to find true happiness? Or will she run out of time?

Bosses’ Brat

Bosses’ Brat by Crystal North: 


When stepbrothers and business partners, Archer, Bennet and Cole take on a new recruit, they get more than they bargained for. They may have lusted after Rhylie Hall for months, but they soon come to regret hiring her. She may be a Goddess among men, but man is she a pain in the ass!

She’s foul-mouthed and rude, she always shows up late, and she can’t seem to get anything right. When Bennet snaps and decides it’s time to let Rhylie go, Cole comes up with an ingenious way to give Rhylie the chance to redeem herself.
Lucky for them, taming brats is their specialty
Bosses’ Brat is a reverse harem short story featuring smoking hot bosses, foul language, light bdsm sexual scenes, inventive uses for office supplies and a heat level that’s too hot for words. It carries an 18+ warning.

Captured on Film

Captured on Film by Clairissa SinClair: 


Damaris Kent and Peter Jensen are the perfect couple. She’s an exhibitionist and he’s a voyeur.  She’s a submissive and he’s a dominant.  Together, they’re living their best life possible, travelling the world and celebrating their unconventional relationship. 
 When Peter takes his lady on a special romantic vacation to celebrate Valentine’s Day and to explore her newly discovered family history, he has way more than just genealogy in store for her.  Peter planned the ultimate surprise wedding down to the smallest detail, for his anti-marriage minded girlfriend.  While Maris balks at every turn, she finds that she needs to trust her surprise fiance and Dom to know exactly what she needs. 
Married life, starting with the steamiest honeymoon ever, will never be vanilla for this couple! 

***This book includes super steamy consensual spanking and MMF sexual content. It is intended for mature readers with open minds.*****

Fire and Desire

Fire and Desire by Angel Nyx: 


What happens when a Phoenix and a Griffin fall in love despite a centuries-long feud between their families? Sparks fly and passions burn hotter than ever.

For nearly three centuries, the MacLellans and the Adairs have feuded. It’s been so long, no one even remembers what started it. When fate brings Kyleigh Maclellan and Lauchlan Adair together, not once but repeatedly, can the love that develops between them be enough to heal the rift, or will their families hatred of one another tear them apart?

Mistaken for Love

Mistaken for Love by Anna G. Berrry:  


Kylie has spent her entire life living by the rules and as an adult now running her own bookstore, it is no different now. During the week of Valentine’s Day, Kylie is surprised by a series of sweet and thoughtful gifts. When the time for charades is up and her secret admirer has to reveal himself, Kylie will learn that sometimes the person who claims your heart is the person you least expected to come in.

A Star in Their Eyes

A Star in their Eyes by Amelia K. Oliver: 


Part of the 7 Days Of Romance Series
Working in the porn industry, Elliot, Brian and Heath have seen and done it all but it’s all professional.
Rachel, the new wardrobe girl, gets up close and personal with these sexy men as she fits their clothes. Secretly, she wants to gain the attention of these steamy men but her curves hold her back.
Out for a night of fun with her co-workers, Rachel boldly invites the three men back to her place. Will they embrace her curves? Will Rachel discover her power to please these men?
A short erotic story. Scenes of a sexual nature. For mature audiences only. Mmmf & mm action.

An Accidental Cupid

An Accidental Cupid by Alyssa D. Mynx: https://books2read.com/An-Accidental-Cupid
Blake and her men are at it again! Join them in this short Valentine’s Day Rom Com, part of the #7DaysOfRomance. My five sexy as sin boyfriends and I, Blake Jameson, have been living in relative bliss for a while now. I swear, I don’t get in trouble EVERY day, just, like, every other. Since the stepdad went to jail, life has changed for the better in so many ways, like moving from a closet to a mansion. Not only do I get a minimum of three square screws a day, I have cuddles in my room nightly, and my gosh the food! Let’s just say life is going pretty well for me and my guys.
But life can’t always be chocolate and roses. After a big screw up on my part, well, punishment is in order. Will it break us up? Nah. Will it heat us up? Most definitely. Punishment has never hurt so good.

Want to read the first book?


Maggie Lowe

Title: Love on the Fly: Short Story (A 7 Days of Romance Collection)

Author: Maggie Lowe

Released Date: February 14, 2020

Cover Designer: DAZED Designs


Nearly a year after she was unceremoniously dumped by her fiancé – on Valentine’s Day no less – Natasha’s friends decide that it’s time for her to get back in the dating game. Not wanting her to be alone on the dreaded anniversary of her dumping, they suggest she tries speed dating.

Natasha is reluctant, but agrees, going in to the event with the lowest of expectations. Little did she know that she’d fall in love at first sight with one of her dates. When he seems to fall for her too, that’s when things really get interesting!

About the Author:

Margaret Elizabeth Lowe, was born and raised in California and because her dad loved to travel a lot she hardly made any friends except for her books. She was a loner. Each night she would hop into different little worlds. Then one day she decided to write her own adventures and that’s how her passion for writing came about.

She has one book published, Rhythmic emotion, and by the end of the year she’ll have her second book published which is a co authored piece.

She’s engaged to the love of her life while enjoying the sunny days in Nevada.

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