And the Survey Says….

While enjoying time with Ken last night, I got a phone call to do survey on my political beliefs.  Normally I won’t answer any questions about who I’m voting for but this didn’t seem to be that type of survey. 

I don’t know who it was supposed to be in support of but I gave my opinions.  I was very restrained because they asked if I viewed Scott Walker favorably or unfavorably.  I said unfavorably, of course.  There were other questions and I answered (must have been having a weak moment). 

What I’d like to say to the people taking the survey is first – slow down.  I get you are probably paid by the number of people you survey or you have a quota to get through but if I can’t understand you because you are speaking so fast than you aren’t going to get reasonable answers.  Second – speak clearly.  Again this goes to getting answers but it also goes to getting speedy responses.  If you have to repeat all of the answers a second or third time then you are spending more time than you need on the call.

It was an odd day for me yesterday.  I normally don’t answer calls I don’t recognize the number for and I answered two calls I didn’t know the number for.  One was Vicki who had a question about Excel and she was calling from her work phone and the other was the survey.  At least one was a call I wanted to talk to…

When are we done with the election?  It can’t be soon enough…

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