Annual Journal Entry

For the last five years, around my birthday I’ve written in my annual journal.  I have a daily journal I carry with me which gets all the daily chaos of my life.  I write in it when I feel the need to – the busier I get the less I write in it.  I try to get a page or two in regularly but it doesn’t always work. 

I read about a birthday journal five or six years ago and started one.  It is supposed to have remembrances from the last year, from my childhood, or other big picture thoughts. 

One year I wrote about as many of my memories as I could jam into a single sitting from my childhood.  Another year I wrote about the conflict in our family.  Last year was all about politics. 

This year, I will have to see what moves me.  There has been a lot going on in my life in the last year so I’ll have to see about the big picture. 

I know my birthday was nearly a month ago but mostly I haven’t had time to think about this deeply enough to do the entry.  In the last five years I’ve written in this journal anywhere from March to May.  If I can get it done, only three weeks after my birthday that will be pretty good.

Now I just have to figure out what big picture I want to write about – or if I want to tackle all of them….
Monday March 26, I’ll be posting a blog entry from Barbara Ardinger.  You may have clicked on her link on this page.  She is an incredible author and editor.  She is funny and articulate.  I think you will enjoy her posting.  Come back on Monday to see Barbara’s posting!!!

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