Back on Track

While I was driving to Indiana yesterday, my daughter called to say her power came back on.  I was only about a third of the way there so I turned around and came home.  We took the generator back and got her money back.

I’m happy she got her power restored and I was able to come home.  I wasn’t feeling great so I took last night off and watched a couple of movies.  This morning I’m working at my desk to get things done.  I have a few business type things to deal with for both writing and personal.  After these tasks get handled, I am going back to writing on Wayfarer 9.  I have a pile and a list so I’m hoping to get through quite a bit today and get back on track.

I’m waiting on feedback from my test readers on some short stories.  Hopefully I will hear from them soon.  Once I do, I’ll be going ahead with publication in all likeliness.  I know it is the holiday weekend this next weekend but in all likelihood, I’m going to spend it working.

Hopefully today I’ll get back on track for writing projects and tasks.  I’ve already chatted with all three of my daughters – one on the phone, one by text, and one in email.  I’ve sorted out paperwork.  Next is to make some calls and then back to writing.  I know if I were away on a retreat, some of this might not be happening but I’d just have to deal with it when I got back.  Frankly, it’s probably better I am here and have everything at my fingertips so I can get it done and off my plate.

It’s going to be a productive day even if I did sleep in and get a late start.

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