Bad Book

I barrelled through the bad book.  It’s done.  I’m annoyed and will never read the author again.  I posted a review on Goodreads and Amazon.  When I was on Amazon, I discovered she’s continued to write in that same town but with new characters. 

I read some of the reviews of the first one and it reaffirmed my belief that I wouldn’t be reading her again.  She took a character from the last book – the bad book – who stood by while the main character was raped and tortured and made him into the love interest in the new book.  How is he supposed to be romantic and loving? 

At the end of the last book, she put in a bit about how it was the brother of one of the sister’s love interest.  He said his brother was undercover.  The whole spiel was you do things that are wrong while you’re undercover.  Can you just imagine the meeting – hey bodyguard, you stood by while I was raped and torture but come have Sunday dinner with your brother, sister-in-law and the rest of our family.  I don’t think so.

Of course, realism was not anywhere near this book with the rape victim having sex, lots of sex, within a few days of being rescued.  Of all the things in this book, that is what bugged me the most.  There’s just no way, no matter how much healing – magical or otherwise – that a woman would be ready in that short of time. 

It’s behind me now.  I’ll stop complaining – maybe.  I won’t be reading anymore of the author.  I’m going back to JD Robb tonight.  I’m going to try to finish the scarf and the book I’m listening to.  I’m going to work out a schedule for all the things I want to get done including the writing.  I also want to look at yarn to see what I will need to buy (there’s always room for more yarn – it’s squishy!)

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