Bad Book

I barrelled through the bad book.  It's done.  I'm annoyed and will never read the author again.  I posted a review on Goodreads and Amazon.  When I was on Amazon, I discovered she's continued to write in that same town but with new characters.  I read some of the reviews of the first one and … Continue reading Bad Book

Pre-Orders and Reviews!

Book reviews are hard to come by.  A good book review is a gem.  This week, to my surprise, I received three of them!  On Barnes and Noble, Dragon Lord's Mate received a five star review! You can check it out here: Crystals Many Reviewers, I got a five star review for both Wayfarer and … Continue reading Pre-Orders and Reviews!

Five Star Review

Secret Past is a book I spent a lot of years writing and perfecting.  I never thought it was good enough until my middle daughter told me to stop fussing with it and publish it.  Don't get me wrong I love the story but I couldn't believe other people would want to read a full … Continue reading Five Star Review


I had reviews for Secret Past and Moon Affirmations.  I worked my bum off asking everyone to please write a review.  I got an Barbara Ardinger to write one for Moon Affirmations (Thanks Barbara!) and two other people to write reviews of Secret Past. I was on Amazon the other day (okay I admit I'm … Continue reading Oh…Amazon

New Reviews!

Moon Affirmations has its first review on Amazon!  Barbara Ardinger read and reviewed it.  She is a wonderful writer and the author of Pagan Every Day and Secret Lives of Crones.  Her website is  Secret Past has two wonderful reviews on Amazon!  Both people gave it a five stars!  I'm very excited about that.  Marketing … Continue reading New Reviews!