Bad Book

I barrelled through the bad book.  It’s done.  I’m annoyed and will never read the author again.  I posted a review on Goodreads and Amazon.  When I was on Amazon, I discovered she’s continued to write in that same town but with new characters. 

I read some of the reviews of the first one and it reaffirmed my belief that I wouldn’t be reading her again.  She took a character from the last book – the bad book – who stood by while the main character was raped and tortured and made him into the love interest in the new book.  How is he supposed to be romantic and loving? 

At the end of the last book, she put in a bit about how it was the brother of one of the sister’s love interest.  He said his brother was undercover.  The whole spiel was you do things that are wrong while you’re undercover.  Can you just imagine the meeting – hey bodyguard, you stood by while I was raped and torture but come have Sunday dinner with your brother, sister-in-law and the rest of our family.  I don’t think so.

Of course, realism was not anywhere near this book with the rape victim having sex, lots of sex, within a few days of being rescued.  Of all the things in this book, that is what bugged me the most.  There’s just no way, no matter how much healing – magical or otherwise – that a woman would be ready in that short of time. 

It’s behind me now.  I’ll stop complaining – maybe.  I won’t be reading anymore of the author.  I’m going back to JD Robb tonight.  I’m going to try to finish the scarf and the book I’m listening to.  I’m going to work out a schedule for all the things I want to get done including the writing.  I also want to look at yarn to see what I will need to buy (there’s always room for more yarn – it’s squishy!)

Pre-Orders and Reviews!

Book reviews are hard to come by.  A good book review is a gem.  This week, to my surprise, I received three of them!  

On Barnes and Noble, Dragon Lord’s Mate received a five star review! You can check it out here:

On Crystals Many Reviewers, I got a five star review for both Wayfarer and
Secret Past!  In addition to the five stars she wrote a wonderful review.  I’m thrilled and excited about these reviews.  They will go on Amazon and Barnes and Noble soon.  For now you can check them out here:

 In addition to these reviews, I got the fifth Wayfarer book – Wayfarer Wedding – out for pre-order.  Wayfarer Negotiator came out on December 31, so there will be two new installments in this series.

My writing to do list is long and complex.  I just finished the rough draft of a futuristic romance murder mystery.  I don’t have a title and it needs some serious editing but that goes in the mix next for editing.  I have the first scene for Wayfarer six done but need about 48,000 more words in that one.  Defenders of Magic (third in the defenders series) is underway.  The sequel to Dragon Lord’s Mate is percolating.  Aside from these, I have a half dozen other projects jumping up and down saying “Pick me, Pick me, work on me next.”

I’m pretty sure this list will keep me busy for a little while at the very least.

Five Star Review

Secret Past is a book I spent a lot of years writing and perfecting.  I never thought it was good enough until my middle daughter told me to stop fussing with it and publish it.  Don’t get me wrong I love the story but I couldn’t believe other people would want to read a full length story I’d written.

With her (and my other daughters) encouragement I published.  I’ve been watching it for eight months and every time there is a sale, it’s a thrill.  There is still a part of me who is under confident and doubtful of my skills.  I think I need that doubt to make sure I’m writing to the standard I expect.

Yesterday I received a surprise in my email.  I sent a copy of Secret Past to several web sites for reviews.  I got one yesterday.  As soon as I saw it in my email, I prepared myself for a horrible review.  I don’t know what I expected the person to say but I never expected a five star review.

I love Dee and Nick.  They were my first full length characters.  My first foray into developing someone’s personality, reactions, and life.  Their story became a large part of my life.  The first time I had to cut scenes from the book, I felt like I was ripping apart their lives.

Yes, for all the therapists out there, I know they are characters.  I know they are figments of my imagination.  I also know how much they mean to me.  I never expected them to mean so much to others.

Go check out the review. 

Secret Past is available as an ebook and a paperback.  You can purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and a lot of other places.


I had reviews for Secret Past and Moon Affirmations.  I worked my bum off asking everyone to please write a review.  I got an Barbara Ardinger to write one for Moon Affirmations (Thanks Barbara!) and two other people to write reviews of Secret Past.

I was on Amazon the other day (okay I admit I’m there daily) and noticed the reviews were gone.  My first reaction was that something my be wrong with my computer or something I’m doing.  I checked back regularly.  They didn’t come back.  I emailed Amazon.  Their standard response was people take their reviews down all the time.

Of course people take down their reviews.  However, I find it hard to believe that all three of the reviews I had were taken down at once.  I told them this.  They came back with, these people know you – they should post in the discussion area.  My response was to explain that while one of the people who did the review I am close with the other two were not.

I talked at length how I asked Barbara to do a review because she is known in the community that I’m targeting the book to.  While I know Barbara, she isn’t a close personal friend.  Plus she gave an honest and insightful review (which is what I asked for) not a gushing “hey read this book it is fab” review.  They finally put that review back up.

The other review for Secret Past was by someone I know but it isn’t like we are close personal friends.  She’s a librarian and friend of my daughters.  When she was done reading the book I asked her to please post a review and to be honest.  She did so.  And now Amazon has wiped it away like it meant nothing.

I get they are trying to maintain integrity in the reviews.  Here’s the thing.  I’m a newly published author.  Every positive thing – like these reviews – I worked my ass off to get.  They count.  They make a difference in whether someone will buy or not.  I need them to help encourage sales.  If Amazon takes them away, it affects my sales.

I tried calling them and got the excuse that the reviews department doesn’t have a phone line which I call shenanigans on.  I’m going to give it till Monday and if the review isn’t back for Secret Past, I will try calling again to talk to the Author’s Central department and bitch again.

Here’s the thing – if you are reading this and you’ve read my books.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords or wherever and post a review.  Please be HONEST.  If there were things you didn’t like that is okay and normal.  I expect to be criticized.  It is the nature of being an author.  Please post a review on any of my books.  I could really use them and they all help a lot.

If Amazon is being a shithead about it, please go to the discussion area at the bottom of the page for the book and start a conversation about it.  I don’t know if that will help with getting sales but at least it will get information about the book out there and people’s opinions about the book out there.

New Reviews!

Moon Affirmations has its first review on Amazon!  Barbara Ardinger read and reviewed it.  She is a wonderful writer and the author of Pagan Every Day and Secret Lives of Crones.  Her website is 

Secret Past has two wonderful reviews on Amazon!  Both people gave it a five stars!  I’m very excited about that. 

Marketing is my most time consuming task right now.  I spend a lot of time sending out press releases saying my books have come out.  I send out review copies.  It is a lot but I try to do some each day.  At this point I’ve had small successes – Barbara’s review being one of them. 

I don’t have a huge budget so I can’t afford an ad in national magazines to advertise my books.  These are costly in the realm of hundreds of dollars per issue.  As I was looking for places to put my ads, I discovered one publication wanted $300.  Since I don’t make a lot on any of the books, I’d have to sell a heck of a lot of books to break even on that type of expense.

This is where I put on my business hat and have to weigh the cost vs the benefit of the expense.  Now a national magazine or publication can bring my books to the attention of thousands of people but how many of them would actually buy?  If it brought hundreds of sales then it would be worth it.  If it didn’t, I would have wasted my money. 

Part of it is targeting the right audience.  With Moon Affirmations that isn’t too difficult as it has a specific niche and a broader market but the other two books is more difficult.  It isn’t like there are romance novel bookstores only.  I could target women’s magazines but not all women read romance novels. 

As for the poetry book, it is even harder to find target specific places to send my marketing material to.  I keep researching and looking for ideas. 

This is why when I get accomplishments – like the reviews – it is wonderful news to me. 

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