Balance Out My Week of Writing

As is normal for me, I couldn’t jump back into writing having just finished one novel.  I spent my day doing admin and marketing things yesterday.  I combined, updated, and entered information into a spreadsheet.  I worked on a crochet pattern, which is turning out lovely.  My hope when I’m done is to produce the pattern for sale.

Last night I watched Midsomer Murders while I crocheted and putzed.  It was relaxing and let my mind rest from all the chaos in it.  Today, Ken and I have to run some errands and are going to the movies.  Last time we tried to go to the movies, we bought a car so I’m hoping that won’t happen.

When we get back, I’ll see how I feel about writing and pick between crocheting and writing.  This week is quickly coming to a close and I’ve got to return to my normal routine on Monday.  It will be good to go back to work and have the routine but I’ve enjoyed my writing insanity.

In the hour or so before I leave, I’m hoping to get some more marketing done.  I’m trying to get more people to review my books.  My oldest daughter gave me a nudge on one thing I should do which I will.  Aside from her suggestion, I’m sending out my work to different reviewers in the hopes of getting some hits.

Monday with my return to my day job means I’m back to juggling what I want to get done each evening with going to bed at a reasonable time.  At the same time I’ve got test readers asking me for sequels.  I swear I need an assistant but sadly I cannot afford one.  I guess that makes me my own assistant.  Lots to do and so little time to get it all done – as is normal.

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