Movie Day

San Andreas was a bit of a let down.  I LOVE a good disaster movie.  I got hooked when I was little with movies like Towering Inferno and Airport.  I know that disaster movies are based on highly improbable things occurring.  I know they bend the laws of physics and science to some degree.

The acting was good.  The story line believable except for one major problem.  The premise is that the big one has finally hit California and the San Andreas fault.  I found it intriguing.  I was looking forward to a tale of heroism and sacrifice because ultimately this is what is the best about disaster movies.  
My biggest problem with San Andreas – a 9.6 earthquake his San Francisco.  While trying to rescue his daughter, the main character (Dwayne Johnson) is on a boat trying to find her in the chaos surrounding the earthquake.  To me the natural secondary danger would have been the aftershocks, falling buildings, looters, and those types of things.  Instead they throw in a tsunami in San Francisco.  Someone didn’t check their science facts.  If the earthquake is in San Francisco, the tsunami is going to be across the ocean from it – like Hawaii, Japan, Philippines.  
The movie made me laugh and cry so overall it was good but I’m seriously disappointed with the makers of it for being so DUMB.
Jurassic World was better than I expected.  I went into this thinking it was going to be another stupid reboot.  I was surprised to find a good story line and believable characters – mostly (it is a dinosaur movie).  My biggest problem with the movie is there was really only one female lead character.  The rest of the characters were all male.  I just want to point out the female lead did all this running in a jungle setting (filmed in Hawaii) just like the males but she did it in high heels and a skirt.  
The story line was good.  The bad guys got eaten.  The right people got rescued and in the end, the guy got the girl – at least for now.  It was a good movie.  I didn’t compare it to the original until it was done.  It didn’t feel like a reboot of the franchise.  
On another note – has Hollywood run out of ideas?  Or have they become so commercial, they are unwilling to risk an original story?  It seems like the only movies coming out are remakes, reboots, or comic book stories.  It saddens me to see the same old same old from them.  Mostly, I’m just not going to the movies as much.  
Overall, it was a good day at the movies.  We had popcorn, soda, and two movies I didn’t feel we wasted money on.  Now I’m tempted to pull out some good disaster movies from my own collection and spend time watching them.  Armageddon, Day After Tomorrow, and Deep Impact come to mind.  

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