Bouncing Around in My Head

The long weekend looms ahead.  I’m in need of some down time.  Now my original plans were to work on cleaning out the basement.  That is not happening.  Doing the stairs is hard enough, doing the stairs when I can’t breath well is nearly impossible.

Instead we are going to try to cram all the errands into Saturday.  Then Sunday and Monday will be down time.  Or for me it will be working on writing, editing, and publishing.  I’m very close to finishing another manuscript.  I cannot wait.  I’m truly excited to finish this one off.

I have a  number of crochet patterns I want to get edited and published.  I also need to upload them to Ravelry.  I’ve got one pattern I need to make sure I’ve got correct and then I need to work on another which people have asked me for.  I’ll have to see what it costs me to make in order to figure out what to charge them.  The Lacy Cap in the picture is recently published and I love the material. 

I’m thinking about creating a pattern which will link to my Wayfarer books.  I know I’m crazy right?  Adara (character in the book) is always crocheting… it seems like a good fit.  I’ll have to see how my time goes. 

There are so many things rushing through my head I need three of me to keep up with all of them.  It’s okay – I like it this way for the most part.  Unless I’m trying to sleep.  I’m feeling a strong need to make a list which I think I already have one or two in one of my notebooks so I should go look and add to it. 

Hopefully a quiet weekend at home means I get a lot accomplished and some of this stuff stops bouncing around in my head. 

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