Bouncing Around in My Head

The long weekend looms ahead.  I’m in need of some down time.  Now my original plans were to work on cleaning out the basement.  That is not happening.  Doing the stairs is hard enough, doing the stairs when I can’t breath well is nearly impossible.

Instead we are going to try to cram all the errands into Saturday.  Then Sunday and Monday will be down time.  Or for me it will be working on writing, editing, and publishing.  I’m very close to finishing another manuscript.  I cannot wait.  I’m truly excited to finish this one off.

I have a  number of crochet patterns I want to get edited and published.  I also need to upload them to Ravelry.  I’ve got one pattern I need to make sure I’ve got correct and then I need to work on another which people have asked me for.  I’ll have to see what it costs me to make in order to figure out what to charge them.  The Lacy Cap in the picture is recently published and I love the material. 

I’m thinking about creating a pattern which will link to my Wayfarer books.  I know I’m crazy right?  Adara (character in the book) is always crocheting… it seems like a good fit.  I’ll have to see how my time goes. 

There are so many things rushing through my head I need three of me to keep up with all of them.  It’s okay – I like it this way for the most part.  Unless I’m trying to sleep.  I’m feeling a strong need to make a list which I think I already have one or two in one of my notebooks so I should go look and add to it. 

Hopefully a quiet weekend at home means I get a lot accomplished and some of this stuff stops bouncing around in my head. 

Cram It All In

The weekend is here and it is supposed to be about rest and relaxation, right?  Not this weekend.  I’m up early and helped one daughter with her taxes.  Next I have a business call in a little over an hour.  In between, I’m hoping to upload some of my patterns I just published to Ravelry and get a few other things done.

I’ve got this business meeting call and then I have a bunch of other things I want to get done.  I want to finish off typing up the patterns (four of them) which I want to publish.  I have to put all of them on Ravelry.  I should get the edits for Wayfarer 10 entered on the computer and work on the cover.  Some of my test readers liked and some didn’t.  I should work on prepping stuff for doing my own taxes.

I have so much bouncing around in my head right now it is crazy.  I need to take a breath, make a list, and prioritize.  Because in addition to all these things, I also need down time.  This last week was stressful for work and next week will be as well.  I just need to take a breath and do what I’m able.  The rest will get done in time.

I’m back to several crochet projects I want to try in my head on top of all the other things going on.  I need to figure out what I can get done and just let the rest go.  In my head right now, I’m laughing at myself because this is definitely not something I’m good at.  In my head, I’m hearing – publish 4 more crochet patterns, work on poncho and fleece / crochet mitten pattern, marketing, organize tax stuff, edits and cover for 10, write 11, write Defenders 3 – get moving and get stuff done!!

The other part of me is saying one at a time.  I can only do one of these at a time and I need to make sure I get enough rest and calm so I am ready for work next week.  I need to have that balance or I throw my health into a bad place.  So I’ll cram in what I can but try to remember to breathe and keep moving forward one thing at a time – hopefully.

Time Sucks…

There are just some activities that suck up your time.  You say “I’m only going to spend ten minutes on…” and then suddenly it is hours later and you are still on that site. 
This week while I’m home alone all day I have certain goals – mostly to work on cleaning my office.  This means while I am checking emails and so on I have to avoid sites like Ravelry, Pinterest, and Facebook if I’m to accomplish anything at all. 
Don’t get me wrong I LOVE wandering around these sites.  I find inspiration and laughter and a lot more on the sites.  However, I lose time like it is leaking through a sieve.  If I want to accomplish stuff I have to not look at those sites. 
The other thing that sucks up my time is the Kindle Fire that was just handed down to me.  I’ve been setting it up and removing things from the carousel.  I like the format but Kindle missed the mark when they didn’t allow you to put things in folders on the Fire – now if anyone knows how to do that – they should let me know. 
Along with setting things up I’ve been playing games on the Fire.  Backgammon, word games, Phase 10, Skipbo, and so many more are on there, and last night I spent hours playing backgammon, and others.  I will not be touching it today as I have too much to do. 
I have a crochet to do list and the other tasks in the office I want to get done.  Since my gout is bugging me today, it will likely be a crochet day.  I have a long list of what I need to do for crocheting.  If I can’t accomplish one goal, I’ll work on the others.
However, I will be avoiding those damn time sucks as they steal away all my good time so I cannot get done the things I want to get done – even if they are fun to spend time doing.